Member Spotlight: Trey P. (TreyP2)

We're back with another Team Titleist Member Spotlight and in this edition, we're getting to know a little bit more about Trey P.

Trey is a United States Marine stationed at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, and a member of the All-Marine Golf Team. When it came down to getting dialed-in for a bag full of Titleist equipment, Trey turned to Jason Uhde at Pro Golf Discount in Bellingham, Washington for a precision fit.

An avid golfer who is "constantly thinking about my golf game and where I can get better," Trey recently competed in the Armed Forces Championships in Jacksonville, FL as part of the All-Marine Golf Team. The Armed Forces Championships is an annual tournament that each service hosts on a rotating basis. Each team is comprised of the top 6 golfers that made the team from each Service's qualifier. The top 6 golfers from the Armed Forces Championships qualify to represent the US against the other countries militaries at the Consul International du Sport Militaire (CISM) also known as the International Military Sports Council which was founded in 1948.

Check out the Q&A below as we shine the spotlight on our friend, Trey.

How did you get started in golf? Who introduced you to the game? 

I got started in golf at the age of 3 with a set of plastic golf clubs, and graduated to my first set of junior clubs at the age of 5. My dad introduced me to the game then, and has taught me everything that I know. I have never taken lessons, but have had some suggestions/tips given to me by friends and a few teaching pros at courses I have belonged to.

How often are you thinking about your golf game and getting better? What are you currently working on? 

I am constantly thinking about my golf game and where I can get better, but what I always find is that when I concentrate on one area another suffers a little bit. While I am usually a consistent driver of the golf ball, I am working on shaping shots better with my driver. I feel that if I can shape the shots with my driver, I can shape shots with really any club in my bag.

What's your best score and where did you shoot it? 

The best score I ever shot was a 57 at Augusta National Golf Club, but that was on a video game. My actual best score was a 67 at The Courses at London Bridge on the Olde London Course in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Can you recall the best golf shot you've ever hit? 

There are a few best shots that I have had. I had my first hole-in-one in April 1996, then my second at golf practice my freshman year of high school in March 1997. More recently, during the final round of our qualifier at MCRD Parris Island I had to take an unplayable lie and re-teed and stuck my approach from the fairway to 2.5 feet to save a bogey. That really kept me in the moment and in the round, considering I had to come from behind to make the cut at 6.

What's the most special moment you've ever had on the golf course? 

I have two special moments on the golf course. One is any time that I can spend a round on the course with my father, especially since he has some health issues as of late and is still able to play the game and because he has taught me so much. The other would be, about three months ago I took my oldest son out on the course after a practice round and he played three holes with me with his set of golf clubs. I take him to the range quite a bit, and have him smack it around since that's how my father got me started was just swinging the golf club. I am not diminishing making the All-Marine Golf Team, that was definitely a memorable moment representing the Marine Corps, but those two moments are especially memorable.

What's the best piece of golf advice you have ever received? 

Our coach, Andy Hinson (the head pro at The Legends at Parris Island), told us during the All Marine Golf Team try outs to "Take one shot at a time." Now there is a story behind it, but the moral was to not get too up or too down and just play one shot at a time. The tangible piece to that was that we all carried a Marine Corps shot glass in our bags as a reminder.

What's your favorite Titleist club in the bag? 

Forever my favorite Titleist club was any iron that I had in my bag, but more recently it has to be my new Scotty Cameron Select Newport putter.

If you had to play one golf course every day for the rest of your life, which one would it be? 

I recently had the opportunity to play Harbour Town Golf Links. That place is something else if you get the opportunity to play there. This is truly a tough one since I have had the opportunity to play some great courses growing up, but I think I would definitely have to go with Augusta National due to the history and beauty that comes with it.

How do you mark your Titleist? 

I place a black dot to the right of the numbers on either side of the ball.

Do you consider yourself a tinkerer? How often do you change equipment? 

I am always tinkering with my swing. I watch The Golf Fix religiously, and take some things that Michael Breed talks about and see what I can incorporate into my game. I don't change my equipment a lot. I recently upgraded from a set of Titleist 680's to the 710 MBs 4-PW. I have a 909D2 driver, 904f 15* 3 wood, 909H 21*, Vokey C-C 52*, 56*, and 60* wedges, and my Scotty Cameron Select Newport putter.

How did you hear about Team Titleist? 

A golfing buddy of mine received a set of the Titleist "TEST" golf balls, and he told me about the Team Titleist site and from there I registered. Once I navigated the site, there was A LOT more content on there that I thoroughly enjoy.

Favorite golf movie? 

When I was younger I would always say hands-down it was Caddyshack, but over the last 5-10 years I will always say The Legend of Bagger Vance and Tin Cup.

Favorite golf book? 

My favorite golf books are Harvey Penick's Little Red Book, and Ben Hogan's 5 Lessons.

What is your favorite 19th hole meal? 

Any type of good food and my favorite adult beverage in a cold mug.

Favorite golf destination? 

Any vacation that involves golf, but if I could ever make it to The Old Course I think that would be pretty special.

Do you have any on-course superstitions? 

I ALWAYS begin my round, regardless if it's a tournament, practice round, or playing with by buddies, with a fresh Titleist golf ball. More recently I have added to the repertoire a penny that my oldest son found on the ground and he said it was a lucky penny, and with that piece of advice I began using it as a ball marker.

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  1. Brian D

    Great to get the inside scope on another TT member.  I am glad this was brought back, hoping it becomes a more frequent section.

    Happy Holidays to all TT Staff and members.


  2. Hotsauce

    Cool spotlight Trey.  Thanks for sharing, and thanks for your service

  3. Trey P

    Thank you to everyone for their comments, and a BIG thanks to Mike and Team Titleist for the opportunity to be featured in the Member Spotlight.

  4. Deno

    Great spotlight Trey...Semper Fi


  5. Deno

    Hi Trey

    Happy to read your Golf Bio. Fun read.  Thanks Mike & Team Titleist for renewing the Member Spotlight.


  6. Justinu3

    Great to learn a little about another member!  

  7. David Browning Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

    Congrats on the Member Spotlight Trey. It was a good read. Also, a BIG THANK YOU for your Service to our great Country. I couldn't thank you enough.