Tips from the Tour: Martin Flores on Controlling Distance

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Everyone here in Team Titleist can relate to the following scenario:

You stripe a drive down the middle of the fairway, and you're feeling great. Arriving at your ball, you see you're inside the 150-marker and looking to make birdie.

But, the yardage is between clubs. Do you baby a 9-iron, punch your pitching wedge or flush a gap wedge?

In the following video, Titleist Brand Ambassador Martin Flores shares his on-course strategy for controlling the distance of his Pro V1x golf ball with his Vokey wedges. Martin uses the guidelines of an "armpit to armpit swing" or a "shoulder to shoulder swing" to cue his swing to hit the ball either 130 or 120 yards, respectively.

What method do you like to use to control distance to stick your Titleist golf ball close? Is it swing length, speed of your swing, shoulder turn, wrist hinge, or something else?

Share what works for you with the rest of Team Titleist in the comments below.

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3 Replies

  1. Rick R

    I used to use the combination of arm to arm arm pit and the shoulder to shoulder. However as I have gotten older and realize that my swing straight is not the same so I now rely more on feel of my swing. Maybe I can't swing as hard or as consistent, yet I still look for the constant feel of my swing. Around the greens it more important to "feel" the swing rather than know your swing speed is consistant.

  2. Fred C

    An excellent tip - it seems controlling the length of the swing makes it easier to control the distance than changing your tempo/speed. The length of the swing dictates the club head speed at impact and therefore, distance, right?

  3. F V

    I control my distance by the length of my swing. By limiting the length of your swing you will have more control of your ball, since your not trying to flush a shorter iron. It's always better to take more club and swing smoother.