Tips from TPI: Into the Wind at The Open Championship

If you've ever played links-style golf, you know that the weather is usually a factor and when the wind is blowing you'll need to work hard at controlling the flight of your golf ball.

At the Open Championship there is always a premium placed on your ability to work the golf ball with the wind, against the wind and sometimes under the wind.

So before you tee it up again on a windy day, check out the latest tip from Dave Phillips, co-founder of the Titleist Performance Institute, as he shares some thoughts on club selection, setup and strategy for those blustery days.

Stay tuned to Team Titleist for more tips from Dave this week and don’t forget to check out for even more exclusive golf-specific health, fitness and swing advice. 

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3 Replies

  1. Ray

    Living in England, and by the coast, this is great advice. Keeping it smooth is key, and learn to ignore the "I must hit it harder" when the wind is up.

  2. Christian G

    Great tips.  It took me a long time to just take an extra club and put a smooth swing on it.  It's easy to just want to put it back in your stance and hit it hard, but it will spin and get up in the air way too easily.  Thanks.  

  3. AJAR

    Great tip thank you Dave. This is useful to me for more than windy conditions but for keeping the ball in play during my match play tournament.