Tips from The Tour - Zach Johnson's Pitching Strategy

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On the PGA Tour, Titleist Brand Ambassador Zach Johnson ranks second in Proximity to Hole from 30+ Yards.

Zach leaves himself an average putt of 8'6" from this distance, second only to fellow Brand Ambassador Steve Stricker, who averages a proximity to pin distance of 7'10".

"I'm pretty much playing it as if I'm chipping it," Johnson says, with his 48° Vokey Design wedge in hand. "It's one where I can pick out where I want to land it, about 10 yards short of the green, and pitch it up there."

From 30 or more yards, we all would love to be putting from inside 10 feet. So, how does he do it? Learn more about Zach's strategy in this week's Tip from the Tour.

Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on Zach's advice, and please tell us what other tips you would like to see in the future.

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4 Replies

  1. Ryan E

    Just by luck watched this before i played yesterday. I had same exact shot and bam ended up 2' from the hole. Thanks

  2. W Scott

    Thanks.  I play Bermuda everyday and my short game is awful.  I will try this shot when appropriate.   Scott

  3. chris m

    Excellent tip from Mr. Johnson. How about a "Tip from the Tour" on how to best hit long bunker shots (150 - 225 yards)? Perhaps some thoughts on how best to practice this shot if you don't have regular access to a bunker that allows for longer shots - that would be a great tip. Thanks very much.

  4. jrtopp

    Awesome, will try it tomorrow