VIDEO: Pin Seeking with Team Titleist Member Chris H.

Not many of us can say we've ever made the flagstick rattle with a perfectly struck shot and even fewer have gone pin-seeking while the cameras were rolling.

But recently, one Team Titleist member checked both of these items off the list with a single shot... Introducing Christopher Hill or as some of you may know him, ChrisH226.

Here's the back story: We spend a lot of time working with players and Team Titleist members to conduct player testing and validate the performance of our golf balls. Most of the time, we have our cameras in tow to capture the on-course action and feedback from the players.

Lucky for us, this was one of those days.

As we set up the shot, we asked Christopher to knock it close to the hole. He stood about 30-yards from the pin, wedge in hand, and took dead aim.

And, as you can see in the video above, he slam-dunked his Titleist golf ball straight in the hole. Best part is, there was no damage to the cup itself!


This shot was certainly one of the highlights of the year. Congrats, Christopher!

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6 Replies

  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

    Hi AJAR,

    It was definitely a great shot. In terms of the golf ball, he was using the NXT Tour S yellow.



  2. memphisunited

    That's awesome...and on camera.  Very cool.

  3. Brandon C

    Great Shot!!!!!

  4. AJAR

    Apart from this brilliant Up/Down in 1 by Christopher, I noticed that this may be a yellow ball he is testing? Possibly a wish granted for yellow ball Fans!!!

  5. AJAR

    Awesome shot! I think golfers are gonna have to do some version of a 'touchdown' dance with shots on these on camera.

  6. killerbgolfer

    Great shot Chris!