Tips from the Tour: Bill Haas on an Uphill Lie

In this week's Titleist Tip from the Tour, we asked Titleist Brand Ambassador Bill Haas to help us with an uphill lie. Bill led the Tour in 2013 with nine top-10 finishes. Solid ball striking and the ability to play well on any type of golf course are hallmarks of his game. Bill also ranked 21st in Greens-In-Regulation, proof that he knows a little bit about hitting his irons from any kind of lie.

Uphill lies can be be a problem because it's difficult to not only make solid contact, but also to hit the ball the proper distance. As Bill says, a big part of the issue is overcoming our natural instincts when we stand on an uphill lie:

"I think the common theme is to try to negate the slope by putting more weight on your front foot. It's just more comfortable to do that, that's how we stand. But my tip would be to try to angle your shoulders in line with the slope."

As Bill demonstrates in the video above, orienting your body correctly can simulate being on a flat lie. See if Bill's tip helps you when you're faced with your next uneven lie. And make sure to pay particular attention to his point about club selection.

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