VIDEO: Tips from the Tour - Jason Dufner On Hitting Your Hybrid

Video no longer available

Make no mistake, the thought of executing a long iron shot can make your palms sweat more than usual. And when the shot demands a long carry with your Titleist golf ball that will drop and stop near the pin, you probably wish you could use a lifeline and ask a tour pro for some help.

Duf to the rescue!

In this week's tip, we learn that Titleist Brand Ambassador Jason Dufner trusts his Titleist 913H 19° hybrid to flight his Pro V1 golf ball high and soft into a guarded green.

In the video above, Jason stresses to not change your mindset or swing to hit this shot. Instead he advises you to, "Let the club do the work."

Click play up above to find out the rest of Jason's strategy for hitting it close on those long approach shots, and hopefully you will hit more greens in your next round.


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3 Replies

  1. Jake P


  2. chris m

    excellent swing thought - treat the hybrid like a mid-iron. they are great clubs and I only get into trouble when I overswing and try to force it to happen. thanks for the great tip.

  3. Brian D

    Great video tip from Jason.  I have always struggled with my hybrids, I will have to give this tip a shot this weekend.

    Thanks for the tip and keep sharing these....