Tips from The Tour - Bubba Watson's Cure for the Slice

Posted: October 29, 2013

In this week's Titleist Tip from the Tour, we asked Pro V1x loyalist Bubba Watson to help us with one of the most common ailments in golf - the slice.

As Bubba told us, to cure a big slice it's important to start the club away from the ball on the proper path. But ball position is also a big key.

"Put the ball in the front of your stance," Bubba says. "This will give your hands time to rotate over, so that you don't leave the shot out to the weak side." (This would be the right side for a right-handed golfer.)

Check out Bubba's video and see if his tip can help you to square the club face at impact -- a critical fundamental for driving the ball straighter and farther. Good luck in your next round!


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Robert B

Good tip, easy to watch, sometimes hard to do, especially if you overswing.

Dean V

Nice!!  I will try that Sunday!

Adam A

"its quite simple". Ive been golfing for 15 years and i still have a slice off the tee. It aint simple.