Tips from the Tour: Adam Scott on Setting Up Correctly with the Driver

As fans of the game, we’ve all marveled at how the pros can make the difficult act of driving a golf ball look so easy. The motion appears effortless, so graceful. And then, suddenly, the ball explodes off the club face and disappears into the ether. How do they pull off this athletic sleight-of-hand?

Well, at Team Titleist we’re fortunate to know just the right guy to ask. Titleist Brand Ambassador Adam Scott owns what many experts consider to be the most technically sound and aesthetically pleasing swing in the game today. As Adam told us, the two go hand in hand.

“Swings only look good when you can check off all the boxes for fundamentals.”

When we asked Adam to provide a tip on driving the golf ball, he was quick to talk about the fundamentals of grip, width of stance, ball position, balance and posture.

“You have to set up correctly in order for your body to move correctly,” Adam explained.

In the video above, watch as Adam goes through his pre-shot checklist with the goal of producing what he describes as “a really athletic looking setup with nice posture and standing quite tall. This nice posture allows me to turn off the ball with a one-piece takeaway, allowing me to turn to the top of my backswing.”

As you’ll see, when Adam gets to the top of his backswing correctly, the rest is automatic. His downswing is a reaction, it just happens.

The next time you play, see if you can incorporate some setup keys from the reigning Masters champion and let us know if they help you to build a simpler action/reaction swing like Adam’s. Good luck!



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7 Replies

  1. adan113

    So smooth.  Great tip to stand a bit wider than shoulder width.  So many instructors have told me to only go shoulder width but it never feels right.  

    Thanks Adam!

  2. Jason C

    I love Adam Scott's simple, near flawless golf swing. Pretty Awesome

  3. Melvin B

    Titleist brings out irons every two years same as drivers 913 then 915 so you have another full year 2015 the 915 driver series will be out to market must be tour proven .

  4. chris m

    Mr. Scott makes it look so easy - the result of a lot of hard work. Get the fundamentals down and let the club orbit. I'm always working on that - thanks for the great visit with Mr. Scott. Please bring us more...

  5. Tom S.

    Great Tip! Thanks Adam...Now if I could pound em like that!!!

  6. Antonio D

    Hi can someone tell me went the new driver 915 will came out? since there is new irons 914 the driver will be for sale to ?

  7. Michael L

    He's a class act!