Tips from The Tour - Zach Johnson's Golf Ball Selection

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Whether the outcome of a club championship is at stake, or you stand in the fairway needing a birdie at the last for a career low round, it's critical to look down and know that your golf ball is best for your game.

This is true for all players, including Titleist Brand Ambassador Zach Johnson.

Zach, who trusted his Pro V1x golf ball to a win at the 2013 BMW Championship, advises that to find the right golf ball, you should experiment by shaping different shot types with your wedges and irons to see how a golf ball performs and feels.

"Once you've done that, you'll find one that's best," says Zach.

Take this major winner's advice and find the right ball for your game. We might not all win a green jacket like Zach, but we can try to shoot lower scores and enjoy the game, each and every round!

And be sure to check out our to check out our Golf Ball Fitting Section for more helpful information.

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5 Replies

  1. Heath B

    Great advice. I went to a ball fitting this week and got recommended for the       Pro V1 and the NXT Tour S. I'm going to try them out this week.

  2. Scott W

    Totally true. My daughter won the North Carolina 2a/1a High School State Championship this year playing with Pro V1   #1.  She tried other brands, kept coming back to the Pro V1.  Just a note, she did finish with a birdie.

  3. Patrick S

    I used to play what ever was cheepest.  The golf pro at the course I play talked me into trying titleist and I was hooked.  I play cally as well however these and the titleist NXT Tour S are the main stay in my bag.  Recently was sent a test ball and if it turns out to be a different titleist than the NXT I will have to change.  I now pay a lot more for my balls but I'm also really glad the pro talked me into trying the Titleist.  My  game has improved in no small part to this change.

  4. DOUG T

    Zach is right on! I tried his philosophy and really liked the prov1x! I also trust guys from Iowa! That is where I was born even though I am a Southern Californian since 1960!

  5. Tim Tiger Club Champion

    Great advice from one of the best.  Thanks for taking the time to put this together and sharing.