James Sieckmann Lowers the Handle to Help Lower Your Score

So, you find yourself off the green, needing to lob your Titleist golf ball relatively high in the air to end up near the pin.

We know this shot can make even the most skilled wedge player second-guess themselves.

So, we asked our friends at Titleist Performance Institute to provide some help. Their Advisory Board Member, PGA Professional James Sieckmann, says the easiest way is not necessarily the best-known.

"It's opposite of what a lot of people think. If you are going to hit it high, you need to lower the handle...the more you lower the handle, the more loft is added to the club," says James.

Check out the video to see what else James advises on the setup and swing for this shot. And for more drills and exercises for your golf game, head over to http://www.myTPI.com.

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6 Replies

  1. Jack K

    Great tip.

  2. Anthony M

    A very simple lesson, I always had trouble with that shot.

  3. Michael S

    Interesting lesson. Never tried that, but sure will next time out. Thanks

  4. Fred C

    Interesting. I always thought it was the loft of the wedge; however, this works wonders when you need extra loft. I tried it with full shots and it had the same effect.

  5. Kevin G

    Is the same true about full shots with irons?

  6. Chuck M

    Great tip!