Tips from The Tour: George Coetzee’s Drill for Short Putts

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You’ve just flagged your approach shot from the fairway and as you get closer to the green, you find your golf ball resting just outside of that tap-in range.

No need to worry, we’ve enlisted Titleist Brand Ambassador George Coetzee to help us turn those 4-footers into tap-ins. And as you will see in the video, George shares a favorite drill that he uses to reinforce success.

“Repetition is a big key for me,” George explained to us as he placed tees in the green on four points of the compass. “At each point, if you can make forty or fifty putts in a row, then you build your confidence and you learn to repeat a quite simple stroke.”

Watch the video above to hear what else George has to say and give this drill a try the next time you're out on the practice green.

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