13 for 2013: Team Titleist Year in Review #13

It's that time of year when we start reflecting on all of the memories, milestones and accomplishments of the past 12 months and this usually leads to a Top 10 list of one kind or another. You might think this is an easy task, but each year it seems to become increasingly difficult to pick our favorite moments because there are too many to choose from.

But we're up to the challenge. And for 2013, we're going to shine the spotlight on 13 of our favorite posts from this year - in no particular order.

So without further delay, we bring you our first highlight of the year... Our trip to the Titleist Manchester Lane Testing Facility to get an inside view with the Titleist Golf Ball R&D team. Check out the original post from October 24, 2013 below.

VIDEO: The Moment of Impact. An Inside Look at Titleist Golf Ball R&D

Video no longer available

For our Titleist Golf Ball R&D team, the goal is always the same: Design and develop the most consistent and best performing golf balls to help golfers shoot lower scores. It's a process focused on continuous improvement, fostered by many talented individuals working tirelessly behind the scenes.

Of course, there's also some really cool (and extremely sophisticated) test equipment that plays a role in continually making the best golf balls in the game even better.

Case in point: The Titleist R&D team recently fired up one of their mechanical robots to film golf ball impact footage, using a high-speed camera, at 22,000 frames per second.

The second we heard this was happening, we were inspired to bring you an exclusive insider’s view. So we grabbed our cameras, headed to the Manchester Lane Testing facility and met up with Paul Furze, Manager of Product Test Methods.

Paul's plan was to run through a series of tests and capture the moment of impact of different Titleist golf ball models across various ball speeds. Using the high-speed footage, the team could then analyze how the golf ball reacts to the force being applied and show the actual compression upon impact.

One result, as you will see in the video: "If you compare the 120 mph driver [ball] speed to the 175 mph driver [ball] speed, you'll see that the compression on the ball is really quite similar," said Furze. In other words, every player, no matter their swing speed, compresses the golf ball.

Check out the video for a closer look at this step in our R&D process and to see what happens to a golf ball at impact – and a few micro-seconds after impact... (Yes, we said micro-seconds.)

Just in case you were wondering, "What exactly is Product Test Methods Development?" Well, this team develops and maintains all of the test equipment used throughout the various stages of the process. From robotic swing machines and air canons to wind tunnels and advanced simulators, they’ve got it covered.

Pretty cool gig if you ask us.

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    You sent me some balls to test, didn't hear back from you.  Would love to know what I was hitting, I loved it..it says titleist golf ball R&D.  So is that the name of the ball I tested.  I want some more of those balls.