13 for 2013: Team Titleist Year in Review #8

Next up in the Team Titleist Year in Review, we check back in with the Vokey WedgeWorks Team to revisit the introduction of the new Hand Ground Wedges.

Earlier this year, Master Craftsman Bob Vokey opened the doors to the Vokey Tour Department at Titleist and provided all of Vokey Nation with an opportunity to have their own hand-ground wedge personally built by “The Voke” or one of his craftsmen.

Check out the post below for the complete recap and for some bonus content, here's a link to a Q&A with The Voke: 11 Questions with Master Craftsman Bob Vokey: Bounce, Grinds and Wedge Fitting

Titleist Introduces Vokey WedgeWorks Hand Ground Wedges



Imagine having access to the same team that works with players like Adam Scott, Webb Simpson, Zach Johnson, Steve Stricker and Jason Dufner (to name a few) to get their wedges precisely fit to match their technique and style, not to mention personality.

Well, here’s the exciting news… Master Craftsman Bob Vokey is opening the doors to the Vokey Tour Department at Titleist and providing all of Vokey Nation with an opportunity to have your own hand-ground wedge personally built by “The Voke” or one of his craftsmen.

“I’m excited to make this Tour-level experience available to the Vokey wedge enthusiast,” said Vokey.

“I’m bringing everything I’ve learned over the years working with the best players in the world to this project. Many of the little tweaks I like to do on the Tour Van are now available. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

WedgeWorks Hand Ground wedges are offered in 58º and 60º lofts, and four of Vokey's favorite high-performance sole grinds – M, V, E and T. The V, E, and T are models available only through the Hand Ground program. All Hand Ground wedges have a raw finish, previously available only to Tour players, along with Tour-proven, precision-milled SM4 grooves.

Many aspects of the wedge’s shape, sole and leading edge will be customizable, relative to the player's desired performance preferences. Golfers can choose from the many grind options that Voke has perfected over the years, including square toe, straighter or pre-worn leading edge, additional heel relief, thinner or beveled top line and a pro-groove sole.

So how will this all work?

After receiving an order, Bob or one his craftsmen – such as Vokey Tour Rep Aaron Dill – will hand grind, polish and buff each wedge, before finishing it off with personalized stamping and a hand-stamped hosel code. The grinder’s initials will be stamped on the hosel of each wedge, a small “BV” marking those wedges hand ground by the man himself.

The doors officially open to the Vokey Tour Department on June 19th and orders for WedgeWorks Hand Ground wedges can be submitted through Vokey.com

Each wedge will have an MSRP of $350 and are all inclusive of shafts, grips and customization options. Expected turn around time will be two to three weeks.

Check out the slideshow above for a tour of WedgeWorks Hand Ground and see some of the new options up-close.

And don’t forget to join Vokey Nation at Vokey.com.

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