Team Titleist Tests the New 2014 NXT Tour, Tour S, Velocity and DT SoLo Golf Balls

Before any Titleist golf ball is launched into the marketplace it goes through a rigorous research and development process that is focused on our mission to design and produce golf balls of superior performance and superior quality for serious golfers.

There are many steps along this path of bringing a golf ball to market and one of our favorite parts of the journey is when we get to meet with golfers throughout the various player-testing phases.

And when our R&D team started working on the new 2014 NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT SoLo golf balls, we enlisted members of Team Titleist to help us test some prototypes. For nearly two years leading up to our recent launch, over 40,000 amateur golfers from around the world received prototype golf balls, conducted on-course tests and provided us with their input.

The data and feedback we received from this group of passionate golfers helped guide our design and development process and was invaluable in helping us to introduce meaningful improvements for each model in the new lineup of 2014 Titleist Performance golf balls.

Along the way to launch day we caught up with a few Team Titleist members who put the new products to the test, and then provided us with performance feedback.  Check out the videos above to hear what they had to say about the new golf balls.

We’d also like to thank all of the Team Titleist members who participated in this most recent wave of white box testing. Whether you were on camera or submitted feedback via e-mail, Twitter or otherwise, we really appreciate all of your help and we hope you enjoyed being a part of the process.

And if you’re wondering how you can take part in a future product test panel like this, remember the more you participate and the more engaged you are with Team Titleist--from posting in the discussions and adding blog comments to completing your profile--the better your chances are at potentially opening the doors to these exclusive Team Titleist opportunities.

The new 2014 Titleist Performance models are available in golf shops now.

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35 Replies

  1. HackOne

    I had the good fortune(thanks to Titleist) to test the "NXT Tour, NXT Tour S,  and DT TruSoft.. Also received a TEST ball and I have no idea what it was.. I suspect it might have been the new Velocity??.. I have come to the conclusion the SOFT line works best for me as a 13 handicapper.  Though the NEW Velocity intrigues me, so I bought a Dozen to try out..

    Thanks for to the Team Titleist program for the opportunity to test their equipment.

  2. Carl T

    Would the Titleist prototype golf balls that I tested with the black square and circle be one of these balls, NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity or DT Solo ? I sure would like to know what the square ball was. It provided great distance and was fine around the green.

  3. Alistair M

    I've just donated 2 dozen unused 2013 vintage NXT Tour S balls to our junior section.


    Because the 2014 model is so much better. I loved it from the moment I tried it out in the "white box" blind test. I loved it even more when Team Titleist sent me a 2 ball sleeve as a thank you and over the course of 3 weeks had my handicap cut by 1.2.

    I've found my miracle pill. It's White, round with cute dimples and has NXT Tour S tattooed around its waist.

  4. Philip B

    THANKS FOR THE BOX OF DT SOLO BALLS.  I  have four competitions during the next week, I prefer to use my Velocity balls as they putt fantastic ! But, I will give them a try tomorrow.

    I am still using my White box balls (two left) for friendly games they putt & drive well - Can't seem to lose them, the covers don't seem to scuff !

  5. Clayton A

    I just received two sleeves of prototype balls yesterday. Excited to get out there and test them!

  6. Tom W

    Finally got to test the balls sent to me. Sorry it took so long. Loved the feel off the club face. I averaged about 5 to 10 yards longer on my drives and they seemed to land with better spin on the greens than the older NXT's. I too lost the note telling me where to send my test results.

  7. Jim A

    I have been lucky enough to test a sleeve of balls last fall and then lucky enough to get my first hole-in-one.  I can only hope I get that lucky again!!

  8. Alex B

    New to Team Titleist. Hope to learn from other members from across the globe.

  9. louie g

    Is there any way to find out which ball I tested? I think they had black numbers but not sure. They outperformed the ball I was playing at the time, I think they were DT  Solo.

  10. Peter S

    Over the winter when I was able to get out on the course I have played both of test balls sent to me. Both performed well especially on the greens where they rolled well even on bumpy greens

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