Tips from the Tour - The Long Bunker Shot with Brendan Steele

Video no longer available

Ask any pro and they’ll tell you that one of the most difficult shots in golf is the long bunker shot. Having this shot in your bag can be a difference maker on the scorecard, so we checked in with Titleist Brand Ambassador Brendan Steele for a little help.

A couple of keys according to Brendan… rhythm and turning through the shot. As he explains in the video, you should control the distance of the explosion shot by adjusting the size of your turn, not by changing the speed that you swing your arms and hands.

By letting the big muscles of your core dictate the force of the shot, you can maintain a consistent tempo and it becomes much easier to create consistent contact.

Check out the video above for a step-by-step review with Brendan.  Try his line drill and as you practice, adjust your turn to splash the ball different distances.

If you’re able to take the same amount of sand on each shot, you’re well on you way to better bunker play.

In the meantime, let us know what other tips and drills you’d like to see from the tour.


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4 Replies

  1. W Scott

    I take it he used a SW with the face only slightly open, is that right?

    He also hit ahead of the line he drew in the sand, with the bounce I assume.  If that is right the face must have been very close to the ball when he hit the sand.  It seems like that would create a real danger of bouncing into the ball if the sand is at all firm.  Is that right?  Thanks.

  2. Carl F

    I didn't get much information from this video. How far away? What club was he using? How much did he open the blade? That sand looks nice and firm, if it was powder like, hitting that far behind the ball would keep you in the bunker. Just not enough information.

  3. teeumup

    Good information on a difficult shot!



    Makes sense,good tip. Follow thru helps gets those hips moving too..