Tips From The Tour: Geoff Ogilvy on Dialing In Your 3-Wood

When it comes to driving, the best players in the world know that distance is only half of the equation. The other half - accuracy.

This is why the PGA Tour’s “Overall Driving” statistic combines both of these elements when factoring the rankings. And outside of making that perfect swing, having the right strategy off the tee and selecting the right club for the shot that lies ahead can make all of the difference when it comes to finding the fairway.

Enter Titleist Brand Ambassador Geoff Ogilvy with a little advice on how you can get more comfortable and gain some confidence with your 3-wood.

“You’ll get a lot better with your 3-wood if maybe you can take a few weeks off with your driver, or even just a few rounds,” Geoff advises in the video above.

As Geoff explained to us, the shorter shaft and added loft of a fairway metal creates a tighter pattern of dispersion than a driver.  So the misses are better.  Another added benefit of this little break… you’ll be on your way to dialing-in another go-to shot from the tee.

Give this a try and here's to finding more fairways!


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5 Replies

  1. Randy R

    I like my 3 wood and can hit it straiter than my driver, but when I do connect with my driver I get a lot of distance.

  2. Mike D

    For years I just could not control my driver, so I used my 3 wood and my game got so much better. Now, I love my driver, but when it misbehaves I just put it in "Time Out" and use the 3 wood. I don't need the distance lost because I'm hitting from the fairway and not the woods.  

  3. Jeff S

    Pretty useless tip if you ask me. Who doesn't know this already?

  4. John B

    I have tryed this and it really works.  Taking a few weeks off the driver helped me focus more and then going back to the driver helped with swing speed and distance. Thanks

  5. Chris S

    Ever since I started playing golf, the 3wood has always been a favorite of mine.

    Chris S