Tip from the Tour: Adam Scott on Longer Drives

Seeing a tee shot launch perfectly into the sky and soar down the fairway is something that all golfers love to see - especially if they're admiring their own drive. And if you can squeeze out a few more yards off the tee, well, we're guessing that would just about always be a welcome bonus.

So how do we make this happen? Titleist Brand Ambassador Adam Scott recently checked in with Team Titleist to share a few keys on how to add a little extra distance off the tee. 

Key #1: Tee the ball slightly higher than usual. This simple adjustment produces a higher launch angle and less spin, a great combination for soaring drives.

Key #2: Focus on a full finish. This key will keep you in balance and give you a much better chance of making contact with the sweetspot of the driver.

So remember... a balanced swing combined with solid, center-of-the-face contact is going to give you better distance potential than swinging out of your shoes.

Give these keys a try and you'll be on your way to achieving power through control. Here’s to going long!


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10 Replies

  1. John M

    Pro V1 X

    Merry Christmas

  2. Steve S

    Just watched the video with Adam Scott. What a beautiful swing. What a great video. Thanks Titleist.

    Steve S.

  3. Jesse P

    Staying balanced is key!  Plus it looks so much better.  :)

  4. Nick K

      Really like the tip from Adam, on to hit it longer,  Tee  it a little higher. He also tells us to make sure to follow through… Can't wait to get to driving range this afternoon… Thanks 4 all the TIPS… THG  The Happy Golfer.

  5. David H

    I really enjoy the tips from the Pros and it has helped my game in many ways.  I'd like to see a tip to help me pick out the correct golf ball for my game.  

  6. John B

    I can't wait to try this tip.  

  7. peter a

    Thanks Adam! Too often I do swing "outof my shoes" fertilizing the course rough with ProV1s. Love the focus on a full follow through and staying inbalance. No mention of "swing harder"...Thanks Adam..

  8. peter a

    What a fantastic tip. Rather than adding extra "ooomph" to the swing, concentrate on a full follow through. Too often I force the swing flow when going for more yards sending me off balance and my ProV1 into the cabbage patch..

    THANKS Adam!

  9. peter a

    A fantastic key! Stay balanced ans fully follow through for more power. I ididn't hear Adam say, "Swing harder." Too often I am guilty of trying to put a little extra "oooomph" in the swing, losing balance and sending the ball to parts of the course I'd rather not visit!  

    Thanks Adam..

  10. Justinu3

    Always great stuff!  Thanks for sharing