Tips From The Tour: Jason Bohn on Chipping with a Hybrid

Not all chip shots are created equal and whether you need to escape some deep rough or navigate a tricky lie, it’s important to always give yourself some options on how to play the shot at hand and what club to use.

And as Titleist Brand Ambassador Jason Bohn explains… reaching for your wedge isn’t always the play, especially when you’re just off the green and your ball is resting on a tightly-mown strip of fairway.

“I see a lot of amateurs and even a lot of tour pros choose a wedge,” Jason told us. “And a lot of the times when they’re hitting this shot they kind of hit it a little chunky and a little bit behind the ball.”

Plan B… give your hybrid a try.

“The hybrid is a great shot for this because it’s really simple… it’s a very simple motion, very similar to your putting,” added Jason.

Watch the video above and see how having this extra shot in the bag can help shave some strokes off your score.


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3 Replies

  1. Anthony D

    tried this yesterday 3 times on the course...birdied 2 holes and par on the other. i like it!

  2. 2BadRic

    WOW!!!! I guess the tip from Jason was good...wish I could hear it above THE MUSIC!!! Tone it down PLEASE!!!

  3. Justinu3

    Definitely need to try that out! thanks Jason & TT