Video: The Team Titleist Performance Golf Ball Testing Experience

On the list of our favorite activities here at Team Titleist, testing prototype golf balls is definitely at the top. So when the R&D team knocks on our door, seeking Team Titleist members for a new test panel, we get right to work.

Involving Team Titleist members in the prototype-testing phase is a critical part of our player testing and performance validation activities. The feedback we receive is essential to helping us along the path to developing the best performing golf balls in the game.

 Most recently, R&D asked us to set another test panel in motion for what we would later find out to be prototype versions of the new Titleist NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT SoLo golf balls. We hit the road with our cameras in tow, excited to spend time with Team Titleist members and hear exactly what they're looking for in a golf ball..

Check out the video above to hear what some of our fellow Team Titleist members had to say about the experience.


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37 Replies

  1. Jim S

    Hi my name is Jim And I was wondering. How do I sign up to be part of the titleist ball test team?

  2. robert p

    Was out of town so just tried the balls. Used the circle  mark,seemed to be longer off the tee. Haven't really tried the square one, used it once and seemed to have a higher trajectory. Curious to the results of the trial, is it too late to fill out the survey?

  3. Chris P Club Champion

    Well Done Titleist...Once Again!!

  4. Deno

    Bring a Team Titleist member has rich rewards.  You never know when the call will come!!  We're  all wishing and hoping.   Great job Titleist Staff and Team members.

  5. Dana S

    I had a great time that day and the folks from Titleist are True professionals, not to mention the insight they offered regarding ball types, use and new clubs.  As I said in the video, if they need me again, I would easily be willing to move my work schedule to accomodate another wonderful day.  Many Thanks to the Titleist Team!!!!


    Dana S.

  6. Joe B

    Would love be involved in any type of testing (balls, driver, fairway woods, irons, wedges, putters, ect.) in the future! Live in Davie Florida.

  7. Larry B

    Wow!  How cool!  How do I get on that list?

  8. Speedy

    Great video!!!  I was very fortunate and lucky to be able to experience something like this last September.  It was truly an amazing experience.   Not only was it a great experience, they treated me and other Team Titleist members with first class all day.  Blown away how well they treated us and I'm just a regular amateur golfer looking to improve my game.  

    I do hope to get to experience this again and if your name is called, GO!!!  You won't regret taking that day off from work...

    Thank you Titleist for all you.  

    -Chris H.    

  9. James C

    I am 58 years old with a 14 handicap and would love to try out Titleist equipment for you

  10. brent s

    That confirms why I use Titleist golf balls. The video way great.I

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