Titleist Tip of the Week: Impact Position with Justin Parsons

One of the keys to solid ball striking is impact position. And if you were to take a closer look at many of the best players in the world (past and present) you would find that nearly all of their swings look the same at this critical moment.

In the tip above,Titleist Leadership Advisory Staff member Justin Parsons describes the keys to getting into a solid impact position and provides a great drill to help you improve your ball striking.

Give this a try the next time you're working on your game and let us know how it works.


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1 Replies

  1. Larry D

    I am a 10 to 12 handicapper and I understand the points he makes concerning the impact position. However, knowing what needs to be done and consistently doing it is the larger problem. I hit a great many very good shots in a round but a single bad takeaway or coming up too quickly can send my rhythm out of whack and more bad holes are in store. What tip do you have for being consistent?