Video: Grooving Your Putting Stroke with Justin Parsons

A common feature of many great putting strokes is flow.. And what we see as a graceful stroke is actually the result of letting the putter head load naturally on the backswing and release through the ball.

In this video, Titleist Leadership Advisory Staff member Justin Parsons provides some tips on how to groove this type of motion and build a reliable putting stroke.

Justin also shares his one-handed putting drill that is sure to help you add some flow to your stroke.


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4 Replies

  1. Thomas C

    Perfect tip at the perfect time! I was having issues with my putting and focusing on "the pendulum" stroke smoothed my stroke and improved my consistency!  Thanks for the video!

  2. arthur j

    need a little help with putting I am right handed. my left eye is my strong eye therefore that is the eye that I putt with.if you are right haned person try closing your right eye and putting with your left eye then you will see what I am talking about  thank you  art

  3. stan f

    you make so easy to do.   please keep up......tks......

  4. Bill C

    I would love to be able to putt with some consistency!  Every little bid helps!