18 Shots Presented by Titleist: Wedge Angle of Attack Around the Greens

Understanding your lie and knowing how to approach the shot in front of you is the key to developing a good short game. 

In the latest installment of our 18 Shots series, PGA Professional and Director of Instruction at Shadow Ridge Country Club James Sieckmann talks about how angle of attack factors into chip shots from around the green and how different lies will require some slight adjustments to setup and technique.

James also provides some great advice on how to improve your short game practice routine that is sure to help you get a little more comfortable with the tricky lies that we've all encountered out on the course.


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23 Replies

  1. Slapshot

    The video was good, first and foremost  U need to develop feel, and that comes with practice, lots of it. Your wedges are you tools, experiment with different grinds and lofts. U have to learn how to use the BOUNCE of the club to create shots w different set ups. Also, I specifically have different wedges for hard and soft turf conditions.

  2. Brent W

    Practice,Practice,Practice.  Very good video, And also practice using different clubs for different shots. Don't always reach for the 60* or the 56*.

    And a side note check your bounces on your wedges and make sure you are playing the ones suited for the conditions you play .

  3. Phil

    like your comments on technicue around the greens i have sm4s and getting ready to buy new wedges, wondering if i should buy the m or f series because i use my wedges a lot from 100 yds in and do take a divot not extremely large but i like being able to hit flop shots also so im leaning towards sm5s

  4. William L

    very good video, maybe good for people who blade the ball across the green when trying to chip the ball?

  5. Joe F

    Good information, can't wait to try this when playing my next round of golf!

  6. George P. L

    Good instruction, especially choking down on the grip of the wedge.

  7. Steve S

    Loved the video. Makes me relize I need more vokey's in my bag. Great advise on practicing too. One Titleist club at a time though. Just bought the 915 D2 driver. The 915 3wood is next. Titleist is not cheap, but you get what you pay for and Titleist is the best!

    Play Well,

    Steve S.

  8. Ernest D

    Thank you for some more good tips from around the green.

  9. Brent Wells

    Thanks for sharing Titleist!!!!

  10. Neil R

    Great advice, thanks. It makes a lot of sense when you thing about it.

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