Team Titleist Member Spotlight: Mike C.

Our Member Spotlight for June 2014 is Mike C. from...
Our Member Spotlight for June 2014 is Mike C. from Texas.1/6
Let's take a closer look at Mike's...
Let's take a closer look at Mike's personalized Pro V1x...2/6
And how he marks his ball.
And how he marks his ball.3/6
The Titleist tools that Mike trusts out on the...
The Titleist tools that Mike trusts out on the course...4/6
And his favorite club, a special 60 degree Vokey...
And his favorite club, a special 60 degree Vokey Design wedge that Mike had built after his Bob Vokey Tour Experience.5/6
Thanks again, Mike!
Thanks again, Mike!6/6

For this month's Team Titleist Member Spotlight, we take a trip to the Lonestar State and catch up with Mike C. to get to know him and his game a little better. And as we found out, Mike has been playing the game since he was six-years-old and always prefers to tee up a Pro V1x with the number two. Keep reading below to find out why and make sure you add a comment to this post if you'd like to be featured in one of our future Member Spotlights.

Check out the Q&A below to find out more...

Team Titleist (TT): How did you get started in golf and who introduced you to the game?

Mike C. (MC): I began learning the game of golf when I was about 6 years old. My parents would drop me off each week at a local course that had a junior clinic, followed by time out on the course. After the lesson, based on your age and ability, you would play 3-holes, 9-holes or 18-holes. The goal was to work up to be one of the “18 holers”. My father really enjoyed the game and encouraged me to learn because golf is a sport we could play together. He always told me that spending 4 hours to play a round of golf with a business associate and watching how they behave on the course could really give you an insight as to how they would behave off the course as well. This has been very valuable advice over the years.

 TT: How do you mark your Titleist? 

I have “MONEY $ BALL” imprinted on the side of my Pro V1x golf balls. I always play with a Pro V1x, play number 2 because that is the number I have been most successful with in tournament play (and yes, I am superstitious).

TT: What's your favorite Titleist club in the bag? 

MC: Without a doubt, my favorite club is my 60-degree Vokey. The 60 I am currently playing is a special club to me because it was hand ground to my specs by Mr. Vokey after a fitting session with him through The Bob Vokey Tour Experience. It is a raw M grind with a pro groove and a thin topline. The reason I love this club so much is its versatility. You can hit everything from a high flop to a low runner depending upon what is required. Whenever I am anywhere near the green, I know I can count on this club to stick it close and give me a very good chance to get up and down.

TT: How often are you thinking about your golf game and getting better? What are you currently working on? 

MC: If you were to ask my wife, I think she would say I think about golf 24/7. That may be pushing it a little bit, but it is close! This year, my goal is to learn to be more consistent with partial shots. I generally hit all clubs with a full swing and find difficulty when dialing a swing back to 60, 70 or 80 percent. This year I am working on getting my less than full swings more consistent.

TT: Can you recall the best golf shot you've ever hit? 

MC: If you were to ask me today, I would say it was the shot I had earlier this morning on number 17 at my home course, a relatively short par 3 playing to 145 yards. One of my playing partners hit his ball to about 2 feet from the pin and was gloating a little bit. I was hitting next and said, “now that you have one in the leather, I guess I can shoot at the pin.” I then pulled my pitching wedge out and stuck the ball within a foot of the hole. There were quite a few good laughs from the other guys in our group after those two shots. That’s the great thing about this game. You have the ability to have one of your best shots each time you play. Playing Titleist equipment and balls gives me the confidence to make those types of shots on a day in day out basis.

What's the best piece of golf advice you have ever received? 

MC: I think the best piece of advice I have received is to not take this game too seriously. You have good days and bad days on the golf course, and good shots and bad shots, but we are playing the game to have fun. As amateurs, we don’t do this for a living and aren’t expected to make perfect shots each time or execute every shot we envision. To be able to celebrate the good shots and leave all of the others behind is what makes the game of golf fun and keeps us coming back.

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3 Replies

  1. Steve H Club Champion

    Atta Boy MC....Great advice and great moments out there in the golf world.  We know what the Pros's always a welcome to see what the Joes are doing.

  2. vurich Club Champion

    Great interview, Mike!

    Congrats and keep up the great work, buddy!


  3. Speedy

    Congrats Mike C. and thank you for sharing your story.  I 110% agree with your last answer, spot on!