18 Shots Presented by Titleist: Overcoming Championship Nerves with Claude Harmon III

Overcoming championship nerves and learning to deal with pressure is key to helping all players shoot low scores when it matters most. And whether it is the first tee of a major championship or the final putt of a Saturday morning match with your friends, all golfers feel pressure.

As the world's best players steady their nerves in preparation for The Open Championship this week, we check in with Claude Harmon III, director of instruction at The Butch Harmon Floridian, for a little advice on how we can step up to the first tee with a calm confidence that carries throughout the round.

A couple of Claude's keys to help you play your best... quality preparation and playing with the game you brought to the course.  

Watch the video for more from Claude and click here to check out some more episodes of  our exclusive 18 Shots Presented by Titleist series.


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1 Replies

  1. phillip n

    Thanks for the tips. I have a 2 day tournament coming up next week. I have been practicing very hard. I will take the tips and just play the game. I've been playing for 2 years as of May. My index is 12.6. I have been working hard to play better and be more prepared this time around.