18 Shots Presented by Titleist: How to Hit the "Stinger" with Mark Blackburn

When it comes to links-style golf, we hear a lot about hitting creative shots and flighting the golf ball down to keep it out of the wind. And in our latest Open Championship-inspired episode of 18 Shots Presented by Titleist, we explore the fundamentals of the "Stinger" with Mark Blackburn, director of instruction at Graystone Country Club. 

In this tip, Mark walks us through his keys on how to add this shot to your bag and focuses on how proper alignment, club path and face angle can help you hit a controlled, penetrating shot in the wind.

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3 Replies

  1. Tommy C

    Interesting concept, usually you never hear how to properly set up for the stinger. Cant wait to put this in the bag!!!!

  2. Jim K

    I used this tip a couple of times in a round this weekend. It worked for me even though I hadn't really practiced it much.

  3. Matt K

    This video actually helped me out on a couple of shots while playing this evening. Thanks for the tip!