18 Shots Presented by Titleist: How to Hit a Power Draw with Mark Blackburn

Almost every golfer watches with amazement when a PGA Tour player hits a high, towering draw off the tee. The distance and control allows a player to setup an attacking approach shot into the green.

So how do we add this shot to our game? Enter Titleist Staff Professional and Director of Instruction at Greystone Golf and Country Club Mark Blackburn.  

In our latest episode of 18 Shots Presented by Titleist, Mark demonstrates the proper technique for hitting the power draw and how to use the tee box to your advantage. He also provides some great insight into the role that target line, swing path and club face play in ball flight.

Watch the video above and check out all of the exclusive episodes by clicking below.


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12 Replies

  1. Greg D

    I wish I could make it look that easy

  2. larry m

    Great thing to practice with

  3. James B

    Love that ball

  4. MLB12

    I love it this makes complete sense.

    Thank You

  5. dennis n

    Thanks what used to to be so easy gets difficult without practicing as we did before, I'll run to the range and reperfect that shot, I hope.

  6. Steve S

    Hi Mark. You make it look so easy. And your explaination is quite simple and full of common sense. But I have been trying to do just what you taught with not quite as much success. I will keep at it, but could really use a few more videos.

    Thank You again,

    Steve Skeie

  7. andy r

    Love this video and the visuals in it . Very easy to grasp this concept, hitting a nice high draw  on command thanks in pert to this video.

    Keep them coming Titleist, love these game improvement video's.


  8. Brian D

    These tips are great.  I love the additional tips that Mike, Bubba and Cathi have added.  Always nice to pick up a tip that will improve my game or at least provide a different perspective on how to make a good shot

  9. John C

    To William P: yes, coming over the top would alter your swing path. The club face must be closed to the swing path in order to impart draw spin on the golf ball. Remember, you have 3- lines in the demonstration, target line, face angle, and swing path. Aiming the face to the right of the target line and swinging to the right of the face line will impart draw spin on the golf ball.

  10. John C

    Bingo! Face angle determines the initial direction of the ball flight. The relationship between the face angle and the swing path determines shot shape. Your alignment sticks do a great job of demonstrating this relationship. Isn't physics (ballistics) fun?

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