Team Titleist Member Spotlight: Josh G.

Like most of us, Josh G. is serious about his game, absolutely loves his putter and has been fortunate enough to make the ever elusive Albatross.

Josh is just one of the many passionate, energetic and interesting golfers we have here at Team Titleist, and we had a lot of fun getting to know him a little better.

So, check out our interview below in the latest Team Titleist Member Spotlight...

Team Titleist (TT): How did you get started in golf? Who introduced you to the game?
Josh G. (JG): I have to credit my grandparents for fostering my golfing addiction. We lived with them when I was little, and in the yard my Pop and I used to chip balls into a fishing net. Eventually I started to hit them far enough to be dangerous. Good thing they lived near a course. When he'd get home from work I'd have our clubs ready and my pop would take me out after the last group went by. We mess around on one hole that had a little creek circling the green, which eventually fed into a pond behind the dance floor. I was obsessed with hitting high lobs over that pond.

 TT: How do you mark your Titleist?
JG: I always take advantage of the Loyalty Rewarded deal when it comes around. I get lucky 7’s with my nickname “Giahotsauce” on the side.  I finish it off with a green dot just right of the number, you know, just in case my partner is also playing a Titleist #7 Giahotsauce ball.

TT: How often are you thinking about your golf game and getting better? What are you currently working on?
JG: If you ask my wife, I’m thinking about golf way too much. I hope my boss doesn’t read this, but I think about it almost all the time.  In long meetings if I’m daydreaming, it’s usually about golf.

As far as getting better goes, this off-season I worked really hard on my fitness and flexibility. I did TPI and tried to eat better. My wife is really into the clean eating thing, so I’ve embraced it with her. As much as I miss pounding cheeseburgers (which happens from time to time) I’ve really noticed a difference.  My back doesn’t hurt at all anymore, and now I can play 27 or 36 and feel fine. Additionally I’m hitting it much farther than I used to.  

Josh taking a little mid-round break at Kapalua... 

TT: Can you recall the best golf shot you've ever hit?
JG: I love to recall the best shot I ever hit. During my last round as a Colorado resident, my best friend and I came to a long downhill par 5. I hit a good strong drive that caught the hill and left me with a shade over 230 to the front. I hit my 910H on the screws and watched that Pro V1 sail through the Rocky Mountain air. Even with the hill and the thin Colorado atmosphere assisting, there wasn’t much chance I’d hit a hybrid 230. Low and behold the thing just stayed in the stratosphere locked in on the pin.  

I didn’t see it land, but I did see the group in front of us, who were walking off the green, turn around and start waiving and hollering. I immediately assumed I hit into them. Sheepishly I walked up to the green, removed my hat, and apologized. The foursome laughed and said nothing.

I started looking for my ball when one of them yelled, “check the cup”. I thought he was just being fresh, so I chuckled, gave a courtesy wave, and continued to look. About to take a drop and lose the hole (I wasn’t walking back up that hill) one of the foursome hollers “Seriously, check the cup!” Low and behold there was my Titleist 3 with a green dot just to the right of the number starring back at me. I’ve never had an ace, but that albatross will be tough to top.

TT: What's your favorite Titleist club in the bag? 
JG: I have to say my flat stick takes the cake. I game a Scotty Cameron Napa Cali from 2006.  It’s a limited edition putter that seemingly nobody else can hit. Everyone who gives it a spin on the practice green says the same thing: “Wow that’s a gorgeous putter, but I could never make anything with it”.  It seems like golf is moving toward the space station style putter, which is cool. I love the blade.

TT: What's the best piece of golf advice you have ever received?
JG: Like almost all the good advice I’ve ever received, it comes from my Pop. "If you look up before you hit the ball, you won’t like what you see."

Josh after winning his club's three day member guest... Congratulations, Josh!

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22 Replies

  1. Davis L

    Great interview titleist! I had a great round with Josh in Keystone this year!

  2. Dwayne N

    Great spotlight article keep hitting them straight


    PRO V1

  4. Steve S

    Great story Josh. It is nice to know that there are other people out there with the same feelings about this great game.

    Play well,

    Steve S.

  5. Greg P

    Great story!  Congrats, Josh!

  6. Jesse P

    Great read!

  7. Michael M

    Congrats on a great article Josh...

  8. Brian D

    Josh, great to see you out here in the Spotlight.  You truly represent what Team Titleist is all about.  Hope we can catch up soon, I could use a pointer or two on some of your flop expertise.

    Play well and enjoy your summer


  9. ToddL

    Great "spotlight" Josh!  Your Pop's advice is spot on.  

  10. Roy D

    I am envious of Josh who is featured  on the T T spotlight. I recently had my 1st hole in one and have had the pleasure of scoring two double eagles. I am 74 and have been playing for over 52 years. I am the last one in my family to record an ace

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