You Have Many Swing Speeds

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It’s a fact. Every golfer has more than one swing speed.

Think about the last round of golf you played and you’ll quickly realize that you hit a number of different shots all at varying swing speeds.

From a half-wedge or a full-wedge shot, to an approach shot with a 5-iron or 8-iron, or a tee shot, every shot is going to have a different swing speed. This is an important concept of golf ball development and it’s why we design golf balls to perform on every shot.

“A golf ball must perform for all golfers of all swing speeds on all shots,” says Titleist Golf Ball Fitting Manager Mike Rich.

“Titleist golf balls perform for all swing speeds on all shots.”

At Titleist, we also spend a lot of time with golfers of all skill levels testing golf balls and capturing launch condition data to help us learn even more about all of the different shots that golfers are hitting throughout their rounds.

It’s these experiences working with real golfers and listening to them talk about what they are looking for in golf ball performance that fuels our passion to help golfers shoot lower scores.

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9 Replies

  1. Jay M

    This is right on point. When I have a cross wind or an uphill shot, I always take more club, choke down and swing very controlled. The ball goes straighter, has less spin on it and releases on the green.  Case & point my hole in one, my only hole in one, was on an uphill 156 par 3 with a 5 mph left to right cross wind called for a 7 iron all day. With the back left pin, I knocked a 5 iron down and it went in. My playing partners have watched me use this approach day in and day out. The Pro V1 is my only ball of choice. It also is long of the tee and checks up consistently on the green when chipping.

  2. Colby S

    Excellent info! I always looked at swing speed as one dimensional....this adds multi-dimensions, in a simple way. Thanks!

  3. Jesse P

    This was a great video.  I recently changed from hitting a Pro V1 to a Pro V1x since I found that I was getting too much spin with the Pro V1.  I didn't get a ball fitting but thinking of going to get one now.

  4. John M

    o k when do want me to do some testing for you

    i live here in oceanside,

        john m

  5. Tom M

    Prov1x is the ball I use for all shots no matter what the swing speed. If I hit the shot properly the ball will perform perfectly. No one has the same swing speed for every shot. My biggest concern is the performance around the green. The Titleist ProV1x is the ball for me.

  6. George B

    I recently tested golf balls idendified with a "Circle" and a "Square".  Without a doubt the "Circle" ball was/is the best ball I have ever played.  Hopefully, when this ball hits the market you will let me know how to identify the ball.  I'll stand in line for this one!

  7. Gabriel G

    This article opened my eyes.  I went to a  demo for another golf ball company and they sold me on the idea I should get a ball based on my drive speed.  But really I score around the green and with the Titleist ProV1x I score lower.  My swing speed is not one speed but many different speeds, chipping, putting, etc.

  8. Steve S

    Loved the swing speed video. Hoping to be a tester for you guys one day.



  9. Chuck Z

    It is amazing how the ball reacts to the different swings as well.  I prefer not to hit a full on swing and the ball stays more on target.   It also lands softly with a little spin, which I do like.  I play a Prov1.