Learning to Fly: Dimples and Golf Ball Design

Why do golf balls have dimples? Would a golf ball without dimples fly farther? And why are dimples so important?

These are just a few questions that we hear from time-to-time, so we decided to catch up with the aerodynamics experts inside of our golf ball R&D team to get a masters class on the topic.

And like any good professor, they were more than ready with some pretty cool teaching aids to help us get an even better understanding of the role dimples play in the overall performance of a golf ball.

If you want to see what happens when we hit a golf ball that only has dimples on one side or watch the flight of a dimple-free golf ball, check out this video and you’ll walk away with answers to all of the questions above – along with a deeper appreciation for how a golf ball flies.

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25 Replies

  1. JLuchka

    Does lining the ball up on the tee make any difference in performance?

  2. miguel r

    Learned something new today!

  3. JVarner

    Nice job Nick, why don't they make a yellow Pro-V?

  4. JVarner

    Nice job Nick

  5. Bill S

    I received a sleeve of test balls a couple months ago.They had orange numbers like the Velocity. I really liked every about this ball.Have they ever been put in to production,if so, I would start buying them.Everyone in my fivesome would also.

  6. Jim J

    I'd love to have that consistent robotic swing!  Great piece of info,  thanks.

  7. Cynthia T

    Yeah, Titleist

  8. Oliver W

    Great information.

  9. Richard P

    Golf balls have different sized dimples spread around the sphere. When teeing up the ball does it make a difference how the ball is placed on the tee on how it will react when hit?

  10. Scott M

    Very well done! I wish my swing was as consistent as Iron Byron's.  :-)

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