Inside Titleist: The Story of the Script

From our golf balls and clubs to our gear and headwear, the Titleist script is one of the most recognizable symbols in the game of golf. On or off the course, you can spot it just about anywhere.

However, you might not know the story behind the logo.

It all starts back in 1935 when Phil Young and Fred Bommer, the founders of the Acushnet Company, were ready to launch the first Titleist golf balls into the market.

 Having spent the better part of three years designing, developing and perfecting the ball, the team now needed to add the finishing touch – the logo.

Knowing that their office secretary Helen Robinson had beautiful penmanship, Young and Bommer asked her to write the word ‘Titleist' on a piece of paper. And as the saying goes, the rest is history.

The way Helen penned the word on the page that day was used for the original branding and the Titleist script, one of the world’s most recognized marks, is still based on this initial lettering today.

And that is the script which graces every piece of Titleist equipment throughout the world.

The above plaque was presented to the Reservation Golf Club located in Mattapoisett, Mass., just down the road from our headquarters, to honor Helen's legacy. The plaque sits alongside the first tee, providing players with a glimpse into the history of Titleist before teeing up a ball bearing the same script. 

• • •

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14 Replies

  1. Spezza

    Cool story would you expect anything less of this company!

    Question though where does the name Titleist actually come from?

  2. No'l

    Pretty simple but a cool story.  I have always admired the Titleist logo's legible penmanship.  Thank you for the story, and may Helen Robinson rest in peace.

  3. Robert G D

    Great story, in the modern world of marketing firm pay millions to find the correct image. Titleist found their billion dollar solution in the office hard at work. Sadly very few school teach handwriting any longer.

  4. Pete D

    Nice background story Mike!

  5. Martha L

    Thank you for sharing this story and paying tribute to no doubt a special lady to Mr Young and my grandfather.  Please continue to write and share these wonderful stories of the Titleist brand.

  6. JSmith

    Cool story! Now I have another good reason not to use anything but Titleist (and apparent accushnet company) products. Looks good, feels good, play good!

  7. Michael L

    One other comment/opinion - I do not think the gray arrow on the Pro-V-1's,  looks as sharp as the original solid black.

    I do like your promotions each year, and that you offer the double-digits, and all-1 number options.

    Also - when I was a teenager, and you introduced the Titleist DT (the orange ones, back in mid-70's),  - That was one of the most important changes in golf, - a cut-proof ball, and a Titleist to boot. We bonded then.


  8. John L

    I've always admired the Titleist script on the golf balls and equipment. I think it looks better than any other manufacturer's logo. Thank you for sharing the back story on how it came to be.

  9. Dave B

    I have a older Acushnet ball It says club special

    Is it worth anything


  10. ACE

    Here's to you Mrs. Robinson!

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