On the Tee: The Launch of the First Pro V1 Golf Ball

The start of the new millennium was a pivotal time in Titleist history. Throughout the 1990's Titleist scientists and engineers in Golf Ball R&D had been developing three ground-breaking innovations - large solid core design, multi-component construction and cast elastomer urethane cover technology.

In the year 2000, these breakthroughs would all contribute to the creation of a new product that would revolutionize the game and establish itself as the most played, best-selling and most successful piece of equipment in the history of golf - the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball.

In our latest installment of On The Tee, we sat down with four Titleist executives who shared their memories from the days leading up to the launch of the very first Pro V1. Learn about the advances that made the Pro V1 golf ball such a revolutionary product and listen as they recall a special product testing and validation effort that came to be known as the Hundred Man March.

Do you remember when the Pro V1 first arrived in golf shops? Please share your recollections in the comments section below.

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14 Replies

  1. barryschrager

    I had heard stories about the Pro V1 before it was available and bought a dozen as soon as it was available. It is the only ball that I've ever had a good sense of how well it's been hit with any precision. I haven't used another ball since.

  2. Hunter M

    Very cool story. Best ball out there for sure!

  3. Pete S

    The History doesn't mention where the name Titleist came from.

  4. Brian K

    How do you determine the best loft of a putter for each individual's stroke?

  5. Gus S

    What about The Professional?? This first ball with a urethane cover!!!!!!!! I worked with a scientist Ms. Sen Shen Wu. She developed the formulation for a cover to resist abrasion from clubs with square groves!!!!!!!! The balls were sold as a four pack for $50 in Japan!!!!!!  Lots of money in the late 80's!!!!!!!!!!

  6. mike p

    Wish I was going to the show. I have had a few opportunities to field test and give feedback on Titleist balls in the past. What if any(dramatic) changes do you see coming in the Titleist ball family.

  7. Chris B

    WoW this brings back some great memories. I  found my first V1 playing a local course a long time ago. It felt super soft like the old Balata balls. My wife got wind of my love for this ball and secretly ordered me 12 boxes and had my favorite game fish printed on them. Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. I still have one sleeve I never opened and it is a true keepsake. I have also kept one each of the test balls that Titleist has sent me over the years to try on the course and then critique on their website. Since that day i can truly say I have not tried another golf ball simply because the ProV1 has been the best for me. I am A 5-6 handicap ,52 years old and started playing golf at 10 years old with Good Will clubs. Can't imagine what golf could have been like 40 years ago with V1 technology.


    Chris Bettis

    Puyallup , Wa

  8. john y


  9. Stuart S

    In early 2001 players were just starting the season and the ProV1 was in short supply. I travelled with a team from Austin Golf Club to compete at the miz National ProAm at Pebble Beach, Spyglass, and Spanish Bay. Brad Lardon, our club's assistant pro decided we needed to make a sacrifice to the golf gods so we each tossed a precious ProV1 to The Lone Cypress.  We won the tournament going away!  

  10. David R H

    Oh Yes!! I would say the greatest product launch if the new millinium. I have been playing this crazy game-18 holes of the greatest tests of human will and perseverance that man knows. Yes, all for the sake of hitting the LWB, then going and hitting it again. How many sports do you basically need 4 requirements to play or should I say attempt to play this greatest game in earth. #1. Driver #2. Iron #3. Putter #4. Golf ball. How many sports require 4 necessities-none other than GOLF. During my lifetime, there has never been a more announced and marketed product than the golf ball-namely Pro-V1. Just woke up from OHS 12/5/16 and thanked the good LORD that he gave me a second chance at playing this great game. Now, I ask when is Titleist going to launch the next generation golf ball? I know knowing Acushnet that you have something up in the R&D dept. Boy, Titleist whoever is listening now that I have a second chance-One can only HOPE that you give me a second chance at playing the greatest golf ball of all time-THE PRO-V1?? Thanks for all the past memories now that I have a second chance of playing MY FAVORITE GAME WITH MY FAVORITE BALL. Thanks for listening!! DRH

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