Video: The Benefits of a Titleist Golf Ball Fitting

At Titleist, our goal is to help all golfers play better and shoot lower scores. The golf ball, the only piece of equipment you use on every shot, is a critical factor in that equation.

Recently, a group of Team Titleist members joined us to learn more about the Titleist approach to golf ball fitting. From the range to the course and from the green to the tee, these players joined our golf ball fitting experts to find the best golf balls for their games.

Check out the scenes from this Titleist golf ball fitting event and hear what these golfers had to say about the Titleist golf ball fitting experience and the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls.


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7 Replies

  1. John S

    I only play Titleist balls, they always give me confidence on the course. Usually play the TruSoft

  2. Gary L

    Waiting for the ball fitting to come to my area.

  3. mark w

    If you haven't been fitted for a Titleist I would recommend it.

    I have been playing ProV1s for the penetrating ball flight off the tee and the drop and stop on partial shots around the green. My usual shot shape is a low draw.

    I went to a Titleist Ball fitting at Keeton Park GC Dallas, Tx. The Titleist fitter Allan asked me about my game and the criteria that I used to play V1s over X.

    He had me hit 50-yard shots, full seven iron, Driver using both models. He explained that the higher trajectory that the X provides on mid irons would give me greater stopping ability on my approach shots.  Using the data collected with the Trackman he was able to show me the launch and landing trajectories of both balls with each club. He gave me several sleeves of each with the instruction "Try em on the course and see which one works best".

    I slipped out late this afternoon and played nine. I played with one of each. I didn't lose much if anything off the tee, The Xs seemed to hold the green better than the 1s for me. Both performed well and partial shots around the green.  Scored 44 with the Xs and 46 with the 1s.

    I need to get used to playing with a different approach to club selection to fully realize the benefits of the landing angle of the Xs.

    I appreciate the folks at Titleist for providing these types of opportunities. I thought I had it all figured out.

  4. tpijosh07

    This is a fantastic service! Would love to have this at my home course, TPC Deere Run!

  5. Robert O

    You guys are so lucky wish I could do this ! Most of the time there is a fitting at my club I am working. Maybe next time I will call in sick Ha Ha.I have tried doing it on course but to many groups on course to take my time and do it right!

  6. Allen P

    Happen to see the new Team Titleist bag tags. Any chance to get one to replace my older bag tag?

  7. chuck R

    how can i find a ball fitting location?