Scotty Stories: J.A.T. The Select Newport 3

"Just A Thought", or "J.A.T", is the acronym Scotty Cameron uses to describe new design ideas and thoughts. It's a perfect tagline to describe a new series of videos in which Scotty shares some insight into his thinking and creative process.

In this and upcoming J.A.T. episodes, Scotty sits down with the Cameron team for a deeper look into the design and creative inspiration for his putters, as well as his inspirations from the past.

In this first "J.A.T." installment, Scotty takes us into his workshop to talk about the Select Newport 3, a model that represents a fusion of all the latest technological advances developed by the Cameron team and a free-flowing form and aesthetic that grew out of Scotty's classic Napa designs. As you'll hear, this iconic, heel-shafted mid-mallet traces its inspiration back to the early 1960's.

So pull up a chair at Scotty's workbench and join the Master Craftsman for the story behind the Select Newport 3, one of the best examples of form meeting function in the Scotty Cameron portfolio.

Visit to explore more of Scotty's latest releases and for more great videos from the Scotty Cameron team, visit the Scotty Cameron YouTube channel.

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2 Replies

  1. Curt K

    Finally bought my first Scotty in January, and I absolutely love it.  Just bought my 2nd two weeks ago. I ha e caught the itch. Best putters I have EVER used.  

  2. Kenneth G

    Would it be worth it to buy a used Scotty and have it redone for my golf?  If I won the lottery, I'd buy one new...