Video: Inside the Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag

As our gear team continues to push forward on proprietary designs and advance a number of innovations in the golf bag space, we wanted to get a closer look at what went into the making of the new Titleist Players 4 stand bag. So we went to the source and caught up with Ian Burgess, Design Director and Duane Marshall, Senior Designer for Titleist Golf Bags to learn more about their approach and inspiration. 

One important distinction and a guiding principle for the team is that the golf bag isn't simply something to carry your golf equipment. It is an essential piece of equipment that can help you play your best golf.

"You depend on your golf bag in so many ways -- the size, the shape, the weight, the number of pockets," said Duane. "It all matters." 

The lightweight Players 4 Stand Bag is a prime example of this approach, incorporating a number of proprietary features that were inspired by extensive golfer research and consumer testing and feedback.

As Ian summed up for us, "In the Players 4 we have a product that delivers on the promise of the Titleist Script - superior performance, function and style."

Visit our Golf Bags section to view the full array of Titleist Staff, Stand and Cart bags available in golf shops now (click here to find a golf shop near you).

And for even more detailed information on the entire lineup of Players Collection stand bags, check out our Gear Spotlight article with Phil Colacchio, our Director of Golf Gear Marketing. 


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13 Replies

  1. RobertPG

    I went away from my Titleist bag when it began to wear out. I play over 200 rounds per year and go they bags pretty quickly. I thought all bags were the same but I found out how dramatically I was mistaken. It’s time for a new bag and it’s also time to get back to Titleist. I won’t make this mistake again.

  2. Scott L

    Bought a black one in September ...hoping it lasts ten years like my last titleist bag

  3. SRichardson

    I love my Titleist staff stand bag but you have a poor design on the strap divider.  The plastic tabs do not hold the straps in place and they separate every two or three holes making the dual straps impossible for carry.  I've since had to put a plastic zip tie over the strap connector to keep them in place.  I could really use some help with this issue.

  4. Paul Y

    After a decade of using stand bags, and possibly buying a Jones bag, I'm happy I bought this one because this is hands down the best bag I've had so far!  It looks like it has 4 pockets, but it really has 7.  So many pockets, that my bag is more organized than it ever was.  Need a place for your tees and a couple sleeves of balls, your rangefinder, as well as a handful of random balls you find? There's one for that.  Need a giant pocket to fit your iPhone 7 plus and not worry about it falling out, along with your wallet, keys, and range key? There's one for that too.  Need a pocket for your game gloves and a Wrench to change your settings on your club?  Sure there's one too.  You can even fit a 40oz Hydro Flask bottle in a pocket and more!  Thanks Titleist for seriously making the best bag so far, giant comfy straps that swivel to move around with you, perfectly placed hip pad too!  Of course I have one qualm, and that's more Branding on it!  I was thinking to myself, why didn't they put a small logo where you grab the bag at the base?  that little detail would make it look even better!!! I'll just have to stencil it in myself or make a decal.  Because then it would look perfect as it already does, from every angle you look at it.  Great job design team, because I love my bag.  

  5. Austin M

    Do you guys have any advice on tightening up the legs so that they don't bounce around when wearing w/ the two straps?

    I love the bag, but I'm on my second one (the first had a defect that Titleist admitted too and legs really hanged low)...  new one is better but legs keep shaking and bouncing when walking.  Any help/tricks to tighten would be appreciated.  Last bag was a png and the legs always locked and stored secured when walking.


  6. Lanneau S

    Really do like the looks of your stand bag but unfortunately, I am now 78 years old and have had 2 back surgeries and a recent hip replacement and has made it impossible to walk playing golf now!

  7. Christopher S

    Titleist should consider putting the carry strap from the full staff bag onto the mid staff bag.  The current carry strap on the mid staff bag is not practical; and the weight of the full staff bag is suited for folks with a caddie.

  8. Robert M T

    I have a Titleist Staff Bag that I use during the Summer months and then I use a stnad bag for the fall and spring.  I love the walking bag but I have my eye on the new play 14 stand bag.

  9. Dwayne N

    Does a mid staff bag qualify to get one of those sweet ball markers just bought one last week?

  10. KOgle

    I just bought the Play 14 Stand Bag and I must say it's light weight. The best feature is the 14 club separation at the top of the bag so you don't get the rattling of all the clubs on each other.  This is a great feature.  

    I bought this one due to the weight of the 2017 staff bag but still kept it for travel.  

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