Cameron & Crown: As told by Scotty Cameron

Scotty Cameron continues to set the bar for making the best putters in the world with his recipe of materials and design. In his latest lineup from Cameron & Crown, the Master Putter Craftsman created custom designs for players whose setup demands a 33-inch putter. With precise heel-toe weighting, a 10-inch Matador small grip and refined looks, Cameron & Crown putters are made to help the putter, the player and the ball work together in harmony. 

Why choose Cameron & Crown? Scotty explains in the following videos the details and design concepts behind the newest four models. 


We'll begin with an iconic shape, the feel player's putter of the Cameron & Crown Newport.  

Newport Mallet 1

The Cameron & Crown Newport Mallet 1 reflects Scotty's love for flowing curves and seamless construction. 

Futura 5MB

From the Futura line, Scotty brings the Cameron & Crown Futura 5MB, a complete modern classic from the sole up. 

Futura 6M

With its roots in Tour validation, Scotty introduces the Cameron & Cameron Futura 6M for ultimate forgiveness and soft feel. 

As Scotty said, Cameron & Crown has putters with larger MOI heads all the way to a blade that is heel-and-toe weighted, providing something for everyone. Explore Scotty Cameron's Cameron & Crown line further here and for more updates, follow along on his Twitter and Instagram channels (@ScottyCameron).

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2 Replies

  1. Kathy J

    I just demoed the scotty cameron futura x 6m dual balance on the back nine of Langdon Farms and had 13 putts!

  2. brian k

    Nice looking putters. Love my Scotty!!!