Winning Wedges: Inside the Vokey Setups of Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth

Looking to find out more about the short game setups of the last two major champions?

Well, we checked in with Vokey Tour Rep Aaron Dill to get the inside scoop on the Vokey Wedges that Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth have trusted to combine for two major titles, a total of eight victories and 21 Top 10 finishes on the 2017 PGA TOUR season.

As Aaron explains, while Justin and Jordan have some similarities in their setups, there are also some very important differences in the wedges they play.

“A lot of this comes down to comfort, the type of shots they want to play, the technique that they use from course to course and certainly the golf courses that they play,” said Dill.

For Justin, this translates into a wedge setup with grinds that feature high bounce. Meanwhile, Jordan's short game setup gravitates more toward wedge grinds with lower bounce.

So check out the video for a closer look at these winning setups and hear more exclusive insight from Aaron on how Justin and Jordan select their wedges.

And if you’re looking for even more great information on wedge selection, head on over to or click here to learn more about getting custom fit for your Vokey Wedges.


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6 Replies

  1. Greg E

    Great video on the two setups!  I carry 4 wedges.  AP2 46* P and 50* W.  I recently switched out my SM5 56-14 (bent to 55*) and 60.04 for new Raw SM6's.  But now I carry a 56.10 (bent to 55*) and then depending on the course conditions, either a 60.04 (hard/fast conditions) or a 60.10 (soft/wet conditions).  I feel that I now have options for all course conditions!  

  2. Joey L

    I'm headed to TPI soon. I hope Bob is there for my wedge fitting.

  3. Steve S

    Great post Mike D. Really enjoyed the video of the wedges of two of my favorite players.

    Play Well,

    Steve  S.

  4. Ted B

    Great insight into what each of these top players are using but would also be interested in knowing what "finish" they selected and why.  Thanks.....

  5. WKrick

    I have basically the exact same setup but with much older wedges:

    I need a 46 degree pitching wedge.  I have a 44 degree right now (part of my irons). I have a 52.08 in the SM5's. A 56.10 in a 200 Series (2003-2005) and an old cally 60 with 11 degrees of bounce. When I can update I am getting the 60.04. I prefer Jordan's setup.

  6. Sam K

    Having some real conflict in regards to my upcoming fitting. Not sure If I want to replace irons, wedges, or driver! Going to Furman on Oct 12 at 6pm. Hopefully will know by then.