Introducing the New 2017 DT TruSoft Golf Balls

We have some exciting news to share for golfers who are looking for a golf ball with supremely soft feel that also delivers the consistent performance and quality that golfers expect from Titleist.

The softest Titleist golf ball is now even longer with the introduction of the new Titleist DT TruSoft, the next generation of our popular DT franchise.

Reengineered with a larger, low compression core and proprietary soft cover technology, new DT TruSoft delivers longer distance with incredibly soft feel on all shots, plus increased short game spin for stopping power on the green.

For golfers who prefer a very soft compression feel, DT TruSoft is the best performing golf ball in its class – a result of Titleist’s rigorous research and development and industry-leading manufacturing technologies.

“We’re meeting more and more golfers who believe you have to sacrifice distance in order to play a softer-feeling ball. That’s certainly true for many of the lower compression products in the market right now – but not DT TruSoft,” said Michael Mahoney, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball Marketing.

“When we launched DT TruSoft two years ago, it instantly became the longest ball in the category. Our R&D team has since discovered how to provide even more distance without impacting the remarkably soft feel that golfers tell us they love about this product.”

PERFORMANCE AND TECHNOLOGY: The new DT TruSoft is designed with a fast, very low compression core and soft pure ionomer cover – the softest core construction and ionomer cover blend Titleist has ever used.

• The larger, low compression TruTouch Core generates low spin for long distance.

• The new TruFlex Cover utilizes proprietary Titleist technology to deliver very soft feel around the green and improved short game performance.

• Advanced aerodynamics are optimized to provide a consistent, piercing ball flight.

• DT TruSoft models are available in White and Optic Yellow, with play numbers 1-4.


Titleist DT TruSoft golf balls will be available in U.S. golf shops beginning Sept. 21.

Learn more about the New DT TruSoft.


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14 Replies

  1. Brad C

    I was able to put one of these in play for the first time last weekend. Titleist sent me a test sleeve to try out which I certainly appreciate.

    I am happy to report that I scored my first Ace on the 16th hole.

    Thanks Again.

  2. John F

    I received a test sleeve of DT TruSoft a few weeks ago and just started playing them; what a difference! The ball is longer, straighter, gets up and the cover shows no wear.

    I just turned 78 and am now hitting the ball (DT TruSoft) consistency longer than I have in years.

  3. James B

    Titleist Balls are number 1 all day every day!!!!!!

    pro v1

    DT TruSoft

  4. Bill B

    I played this ball Monday as it was sent to me to try. I couldn't believe it. I usually have been playing the Titleist velocity for several years now. With this new ball I haven't hit a ball as far as this one, straight. Great golf ball. Thanks Titleist!

  5. Fredric R

    Thanks for the free balls.  These DT Trusolft are now my number 1 balls.  The biggest improvement for me is the accuracy around the greens.

    Thanks again,

    Fred Ratner

  6. Randy D

    Would love to try a sleeve of the DT Trusoft!

  7. W

    Looking forward to the new design. I have been playing the Trusoft for a few weeks now, and it is the best ball for the money!

  8. Michael R

    I received a sleeve in the mail 2 weeks ago and tried them. Definitely like the distance and the feel around the green. Will put ten in my bag.

  9. Les R

    Played the new DT TruSoft last 4 rounds. Incredible distance and feel.

  10. Jacob K

    Are customizations an option on ordering them yet?

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