Golf Channel Morning Drive: Inside Titleist Golf Ball Fitting

Join Golf Channel’s Matt Adams as he visits with Titleist Golf Ball Fitting Manager Michael Rich to discuss our approach to golf ball fitting and see why it's so important for every player, regardless of playing ability, to get fit.

Watch as Michael works with some Team Titleist members to take them through our green-to-tee fitting process and helps them zero in on the best golf ball model for their games.

And don’t forget to check out our golf ball fitting section for even more great content and information on how you can start the fitting process.


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5 Replies

  1. David S

    I was fitted for a set of irons from Vince Young today. I have had the pleasure to speak with Vince while at my home course. (Bears Best)

    Vince took time to work with me and build my confidence in the fitting process. Vince has a depth knowledge of the game, Titlelist equipment, as well as the ability to break it down in laymen terms.

    Thanks Vince for all you do to equip amateurs like myself with the knowledge and tools enhance our golf experience!

  2. Jeff Valois

    Going through this process was great. Too often we grab golf balls off the rack because we think they suit our game or our swing. Seeing what the ball is actually doing off the club face is valuable info in choosing the right ball.

    Thank you Rick, Abby, and Michael!

  3. Wayne B

    Where can I get a Titleist ball fitting?

  4. Brian D

    So glad to be part of this fitting session. Rich was able to ensure I was properly fit with the ball that best suits my swing, my game and my preferences.

    Thank you so much for getting me on the track to great rounds with the #1 Ball in golf

  5. Tyler H

    What a great insider look at ball fitting. Thanks for sharing Rick.