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14 Replies

  1. Luis P

    I just seen the video of all the pro's loving the 718 irons I wish I can give them a try hopefully santa brings me a set for Christmas

  2. SofiaTyler10

    Finally, I received my 718 AP2 irons with NS Pro stiff shafts. Been playing AP2s for a long time and have to say the 718 AP2s are the absolute best irons I have ever owned and the best you have ever produced. Can’t hit the lower MBs with 6.0s but the 718 AP2s

    Are not the gold standard, they are the platinum standard!!!!

    Many thanks Titlest!!

    Ted Roderick, 4 hdcp and rapidly dropping..

    Now, if you can do with the next iteration of woods, I’ll be scratch in no time.....

  3. Bryan K

    Got my new 718 AP3 irons about 2 weeks ago. Can't wait to go out and play with them. It came down to the AP2 or AP3 and the AP3's won over after hitting most of the irons in each set to get a good feel on what felt best. I would say Titleist did it again. Great job with innovation. Just as a side note. The AP3's replaced my 990"s.

  4. MLB12

    Well i have 19" of snow now can't wait to try them this spring

  5. jacob e

    The new clubs look amazing

  6. Carl G

    Hello! I have my test golf balls, but we have had cold, rain and snow here in my area for the past week!!!!  The courses have closed in this area and so I will try these out at a practice range.

  7. Michael P

    As usual, truly impressive! They work well for us older guys too!

  8. Bryan K

    Hit the 718 AP2 and AP 3 irons last week and really liked the feel of both. Leaning toward the AP3's ,but going back this week to hit them again and make a decision. Will be replacing my 990's with either of those. Loved my 990's as that is why I haven't replaced them before now, but the new AP's will be a great replacement. Great job Titleist.

  9. Scott L

    Just went through a fitting at Oceanside and can't wait to get my new AP3's in the bag.  Placed the order just hours after the fitting....they are that impressive

  10. BigDon

    Go Titleist

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