Inside the Titleist Golf Ball Experience Tour at Ball Plant 3

Last month, for the first time in our 85 year history, we opened the doors to Titleist Ball Plant 3 and began offering Team Titleist members a behind-the-scenes look at how we make the #1 ball in golf. And one early November morning in New Bedford, Mass., a group of five dedicated golfers joined us to be the first Team Titleist members to take part in the Titleist Golf Ball Experience.

We didn’t want to miss this opportunity to capture their experience, so we tagged along as the group was greeted by their tour guide for the day, Hank Connaty, and then treated to a personalized tour of the Ball Plant. Hank, a long time Titleist associate who recently retired after decades of service, walked them through every step of our golf ball manufacturing process from start to finish. Watch the video above for some of the highlights and scroll down below to hear what the Team Titleist members had to say…

 "It just made me feel that I was playing the best in the game and that this company cared about improving my game and not just the pros. I've never felt that way."

- Pat H., Team Titleist member


 "I've been playing a Titleist ball for about 10 to 12 years. It's pretty cool to be the first one to actually go through the tour. All the steps that they go through to make sure they're getting the same perfect golf ball every time -- it's reassuring to know I'm playing a Titleist."

- Mike Carmody, Team Titleist member


"Everyone we met on the tour, particularly line workers, were polite and pleasant and seemed thrilled we were there. It can’t be convenient to have tours running through, but you could sense the pride they take in their work. The posters we saw detailing the tenure of the ball plant associates is impressive.  It’s a very strong sign of a good company culture when people come and want to stay for their careers.  People don’t stay if they don’t have a sense of pride, or aren’t appreciated by their management team."

-Eric Braitmayer, Team Titleist member


 "Every golfer should come and see the process. It was unbelievable to see all the quality checks that the balls go through. Now I truly understand all that Titleist goes through in creating this round little sphere that we play with."

-Marcia Mitchell, Team Titleist member


"I've played Titleist for over 30 years, but I do have more confidence in my Pro V1 now. You can't believe how many checks and the process that goes into making a Titleist golf ball. It's incredible. I think Marcia, one of the ladies in the tour group said, 'I think we eat food, that isn't checked as carefully as this golf ball.' You know, it was very impressive and you can't play a better ball obviously. You can play a ball that's a good golf ball, but you're not gonna play a better ball than Titleist."

-Peter Shelton, Team Titleist member


Thank you to Pat, Mike, Eric, Marcia and Pete for joining us on the maiden tour of the Titleist Golf Ball Experience.

If you'd like to visit Titleist Ball Plant 3 and learn all that goes into making the #1 ball in golf, book your own tour on our Titleist Golf Ball Experience page.


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14 Replies

  1. George G

    It is awesome that Titleist offers the opportunity for these tours.  Great golf balls from a great company.

  2. Peter E

    Was SO fortunate to be on the 12/18 Tour.....WOW! What a great experience! Hank and the entire Titleist Team was awesome!!   THANKYOU, Titleist, for the amazing opportunity!!  If you get a chance to take the tour, DO IT! You won't believe your eyes!

  3. Gil L

    Best ball in golf.. Definitely would be a great experience to go through the plant and see and speak to the Titleist people about the process involved in building the best.

  4. robert L

    I took the tour of ball plant 3 and was amazed at the process that goes into the creation of the ProV golf ball. Amazing!!!

  5. Vincent S

    I had the great fortunate to take the tour yesterday afternoon and the entire experience was quite enlightening and amazing – from the amount of quality assurance steps a ball goes through to the warm and receptive nature off all the Titleist associates we encountered.  The cherry on top of the cake was that the Golf Channel’s Michael Breed was along for the tour and he couldn’t have been more gracious with his time.

  6. Rich F

    The tour is over the top. Not only is the facility amazing to experience, the people who work there and the tour guides are extremely kind and the amount of knowledge they are willing to share is second to none. The two ladies who did our tour had 75 years of work experience at Achusnet (Titleist). Can you imagine spending your entire professional career (46 years) at one company. If you can schedule this tour, you will not be disappointed. Titleist only    

  7. Circle T

    Just experienced it this morning! The #1 tour in golf. Thanks to June, Sheila, Susan and all the associates at Golf Ball Plant III for treating us so nicely.

  8. Bob W

    I took the tour on 12/1 and was impressed by the attention to detail throughout the process. No detail was overlooked. 90+ quality control checks per batch.  Different core materials are used for different balls. They make a ball for everyone. The #1 ball in golf.

  9. Joe M

    I was lucky enough to take the BPIII tour with Hank Connaty. It is unbelievable to think that the plant produces 300,000 balls a day with the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each Pro VI and Pro VIx. Hank was a knowledgeable and wonderful guide through the complete manufacturing process. It was definitely a Titleist Golf Ball Experience and I'd do it again.

  10. Robert B

    After watching the video, I'm even more excited to take the tour of the plant in 1 week. Can't wait.

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