AVX: Technology and Performance

The breakthrough performance of Titleist AVX – a new high performance golf ball providing remarkable distance and exceptionally soft feel through proprietary core, cover and aerodynamic technologies – is now be available in golf shops. 

Featuring a proprietary multi-component construction, AVX delivers remarkable distance and penetrating flight, very low long game and iron spin, exceptionally soft feel and premium scoring control through new technologies. Watch the video above to go inside the new AVX. 

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5 Replies

  1. Bill B

    Well now - the new AVX - i had a dozen shipped from CA about a month ago and am still  experimenting with the ball -  definitely longer and it does have a nice feel (current ProV1 player) i have had some good action on the greens and will report back in a month or so - i'm starting to have confidence in the ball..

  2. HOWIE S

    Lucky enough to live in Ca, AVX has been here since Aug...

    More piercing, lower ball flight. Added a few yds over ProV1., however

    does not seem to have same stop & drop or teeth of ProV1 or ProV1X.

    Will not switch, ProV1 still gives me most solid results around the green.

    That's all that matters.

  3. WAYNE S

    Whats the compression of the AVX my current ball has 29 compression.

    Is the AVX that soft.

  4. Jack O

    The AVX is definitely a great ball that has been available here in California for a few months now and has proven to be a longer and more durable golf ball for me and my golf buddies.

  5. Luis H

    Does the AVX have a lower spin rate than the ProV1?