2022 Team Titleist at Haggin Oaks | Event Recap

When it comes to women’s golf communities, Haggin Oaks Women’s Golf Club is right up there at the top of the list. This isn’t an accident either as the team at Haggin Oaks worked tirelessly to grow its women’s club which has been in place since 1967.  

As with all great communities, the secret sauce boils down to the people. In this case, a dedicated team of female volunteer mentors that are the heartbeat of the Haggin Oaks women’s golf community. These women dedicate their free time to share their passion with any women interested in taking up the game.  

To show our support to these mentors and their contribution to this great game, Team Titleist partnered with Morton Golf and Haggin Oaks Golf Complex in Sacramento, CA to host a special event packed with product experiences, educational components and of course, golf! 

We had a bright and early start with check-in at Creekside Landing. Although the weather was chilly and extra layers were added, we were greeted with warm smiles and a lot of excitement. More than 30 women mentors arrived in our tent and received their special tee gift. In typical Team Titleist fashion, we went all out with gifting including golf balls, custom hat clips, bag tags, ball markers, FootJoy gear, and a weird looking golf ball with no dimples (more on this later)!  

And to get the day rolling, we made our way to the driving range for a special golf ball aerodynamic demonstration with Courtney Engle, Manager of Mechanical Engineering at Titleist and Haggin Oaks  LPGA Professional Charlotte Mayorkas. Remember those dimpleless golf balls? Charlotte teed one up and swung for the fences, although it didn’t quite reach them. Why you ask? Well Courtney provided a masters class in the important role that dimples play in ball flight as we all looked on in awe. The cliff notes version, you can think of dimples as the wings on a golf ball and if you take those away, the golf ball will look like a knuckle ball and just fall out of the air.

Side note: If you’re interested in learning more about this demonstration, check out this video – Learning To Fly: Dimples and Golf Ball Design

After learning more about the science behind the aerodynamics of a golf ball, the mentors broke out into small groups and rotated between clinics led by Haggin Oaks Instructors and Titleist Club Fitting Specialists. The instruction included putting, chipping and full swing with an additional station dedicated to testing out Titleist wedges.

After the clinics, we headed to lunch to fuel up for afternoon golf. Before heading out to the course, the mentors recapped their morning and shared a few of their experiences. In summary, they learned that to play the best golf, you need the best equipment. They were thankful to Team Titleist for allowing them to try new wedges, golf balls (with dimples) and gear.  

The mentors then headed out to Arcade Creek for a 9-hole scramble and a chance to win some awesome prizes like a Titleist bag, Vokey Wedges, Custom Golf Balls and MyJoys among a few more perks. We regrouped for post-round drinks and appetizers and the award ceremony. As the sun was setting over the course, we said our goodbyes and see you soon’s, and continued to reflect on an outstanding day.  

This was an incredibly rewarding event for all of us at Team Titleist because getting a group of dedicated women golfers together to share this experience and learn from each other is what this game is all about.