Behind the Scenes: The 2017 Team Titleist Ultimate Experience

When Spencer and Gaines Beard joined us here in Massachusetts this past September, it marked the first time that we welcomed a son and his father to the home of Titleist as the Grand Prize winners of our annual Team Titleist Ultimate Experience Contest.

Golf is often much more than a game, transcendent in the way that it brings people together. It has the power to forge and strengthen ties and reconnect us over the course of a lifetime. And the Beards are a shining example.

Spencer won us over with his heartfelt essay about growing up on a golf course in Salisbury, NC. His Dad, Gaines was a gifted player who gave the Tour a try in the 1970's. Though Gaines had to put that dream aside in order to support his young family, he made sure that Spencer and his brother, Marshall learned to play and appreciate all that the game has to offer.

Spencer now lives in Jackson, Miss. with his own growing family, while Gaines lives in Stanley, N.C. They both still love the game, though the miles prevent them from playing together as much as they'd like.

As you'll see in the video above, winning the TT Ultimate Experience gave them a chance to enjoy some unique golf experiences that would thrill any golf nut. But what the Beards will treasure most from their trip to Titleist are their memories of simply spending time together again, father and son.

Congratulations, Spencer and Gaines! It was a pleasure getting to know you both and we hope this experience prompts many more golf get-togethers for the Beard clan in the future.

A sincere thank you also to all of the Team Titleist members who entered this year's Ultimate Experience contest. It was a privilege to read all the thoughtful and touching submissions we received.

Check back soon, as we'll have many more exciting opportunities coming up in the future.