Bob Vokey: Your Questions Answered (Part III)

We are now just hours away from Master Craftsman Bob Vokey's live webcast with our friends over at GolfWRX, today at 6 p.m. EST (3 p.m. PST).

So to get you ready for "The Voke" going live, here are a few more of Bob's answers to questions asked by members of Team Titleist and Vokey Nation last week, focusing on grooves, bounce and sole grinds. Some really great stuff from Bob, as usual.

(And if you missed the first two segments, you can check them out here and here.)

See you all soon!

Pete B. of St. Cloud, Minn. asks…

Mr. Vokey, regarding the groove rule changes, the general consensus is that the average golfer is not going to be able to produce as much spin as before. What type of innovations are you using to overcome this?

2010 vokey qa 10.flv


Don B. of Amarillo, Texas, asks…

I hear all the time that players do not have enough bounce on their wedges. I am a scratch player from Texas, play on mostly firm courses and have always preferred SW and LW's with low bounce. Am I missing scoring opportunities playing low bounce wedges?

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Dan W. of North Grafton, Mass., asks...

Do different sole grinds really have an impact for amateur/weekend players, or do more traditional fitting options such as lie angle and shafts have a bigger impact on wedge play?

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