Cameron McCormick Surprises Team Titleist

It's not every day an elite Tour coach drops in on a golf forum to provide detailed swing analyses. Though that's why Team Titleist discussion boards aren't your everyday golf forum. 

We recently added a new feature to our forums allowing users to upload videos in their thread responses. Given we're a golf community, what better way to break in this new feature than asking Team Titleist members to upload swing videos. It didn't take long for the kickoff thread to be buzzing with swing submissions. Some members simply shared their signature move while others invited tips and feedback. Seeing all these swings and knowing Cameron McCormick's passion for teaching, we asked him if he'd be willing to pop in with his swing analysis software, and he jumped at the opportunity. 

Not that McCormick needs an introduction, but just in case, Cameron is the founder of Altus Performance and coaches some of the best in the game like Titleist Staffers, So Yeon Ryu and Jordan Spieth. He is widely considered one of the best swing coaches in the world and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. You can find his responses in the unabridged "Show Us Your Swing!" submission thread. We've also consolidated his responses below so you don't have to sift through pages of swings.

We're constantly working on ways to deliver exclusive experiences like this to Team Titleist members, so stay tuned. There's much more to come. Sign up to get in on the fun!

Cameron's Swing Video Responses


TT Member Jay-C: Had to make sure I cleared the trees in the distance. which I did!. Just started playing in February all tips are welcomed!

Cameron McCormick (CM): Welcome to the game. Hope this helps:


TT Member Vin S: Sand wedge - #7 Pebble. Too steep!

CM: One of my favorite holes. This should help shallow out your swing:


TT Member BLein: I’d like some feedback on the ole swing open to any and all suggestions I tend to hit the ball straight/baby draw for the first 6-8 holes then as the round goes on I start to hit a 5-10 yard fade and it gets pretty frustrating thank you!

CM: Here are a couple suggestions that should help keep your straight draw from deteriorating during your rounds:


TT Member Matthew Y: Here’s my swing. My miss is a push or a hook.

CM: I see two things that should be able to help those pushes and hooks. Best of luck!


TT Member Colin H: Here’s mine! Stock 8 iron. If it’s not already obvious, my most frequent miss is a high slice but sometimes get low snaphooks and the occasional top.

CM: All solvable issues, Colin. Give this a try: