How Patrick Cantlay Changed His Swing To Protect His Lower Back - and His Career

In this video, TPI co-founder Dr. Greg Rose shares a case study involving Titleist Brand Ambassador Patrick Cantlay, who found that a change in swing mechanics would have saving consequences for his lower back and a profound impact on his future.

As Dr. Rose shared in this article on, Patrick enjoyed a celebrated amateur career. He won in just his second start on the Tour in 2013. But his career would soon be derailed.  While warming up on the range at the Colonial, Cantlay felt a sharp pain in his lower back.  The pain was later diagnosed as a stress fracture in his L5 vertebrae, an injury that would ultimately keep him off the golf course for the better part of four years.

In 2015, Patrick and his coach, Jamie Mulligan, visited TPI to investigate whether or not his swing was putting him at risk of further injury.  In turns out, it was.  

In the video above, Dr. Rose shares how a combination of physical screening and 3D analysis revealed what in Patrick's swing was responsible for causing the injury and how you might avoid heading down the same dangerous path.

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