Inside Winged Foot with Michael Breed | 2020 U.S. Open Championship

Join Michael Breed as he interviews two prominent Titleist staff professionals who are playing major roles for the 120th U.S. Open at Winged Foot Golf Club. 

While you may know Danny Balin from recent headlines regarding his legendary caddie selection to navigate Winged Foot, he has been a familiar name amongst thousands of Met-Area golfers as both a player (2012 Met Open Champion) and one of the hardest working Head Professionals in the business.

Danny has the honor of being 1 of 3 PGA Professionals who will be teeing it up alongside the world’s best in New York. And who better to interview a Met-Area PGA Pro than Michael Breed?

To say Balin and Breed “go way back” would be an extreme understatement. Danny’s first job was as an Assistant Pro under Michael at Sunningdale Country Club in New York. With Breed’s strong ties to the Titleist brand, it was only natural that Danny joined the Titleist family where he has been a staffer ever since.

Listen in as Michael and Danny reminisce about the early beginnings of Danny’s career, their deep Titleist roots, and the difficulties of juggling a demanding day-job while preparing to compete in a major championship.

Team Titleist Talks With Michael Breed & Danny Balin

While Danny and Michael were making names for themselves at Sunningdale Country Club, industry veteran and 2000 Met Open Champion, Mike Gilmore, was settling into his new Head Professional role just down the road at a little place called Winged Foot Golf Club. Mike has held the coveted position for the past decade, and like Breed and Balin, has been a Titleist staffer every step of the way.

One would be hard-pressed to find someone more knowledgeable about Winged Foot’s hallowed grounds than Mike Gilmore. Listen in as Breed gets the inside scoop on what type of golfers will have success at the championship venue, trending course conditions, and Mike’s prediction on the winning score to par.  

Team Titleist Talks With Michael Breed & Mike Gilmore