New Titleist T-Series Irons Comparison by Michael Breed — Which One is Right for Your Game?

Golf is all about confidence — both in your game and in your equipment. The new Titleist T-Series Irons are designed to inspire that confidence. When it comes to selecting the right irons, there are many variables to consider — shaft type and flex, length and weight, lie angle, grip size and set composition — but one of the biggest influences on ball flight is the design of the club head.

As Titleist staff member Michael Breed demonstrates in this video by hitting and comparing three different head types in the new Titleist T-Series Iron line — the T100T200 and T300 — the head design has a significant impact on launch, spin, distance and forgiveness.


Titleist T100 irons provide precise distance, Tour-level shaping and signature Titleist feel. This iron is designed to help the best players score lower.


Titleist T200 iron are powered by Max Impact for better distance across the forged face. These irons are designed to help better players score lower.


Titleist T300 irons are also powered by Max Impact to extend maximum speed evenly across an extremely forgiving mid-sized face. These irons are designed to help any player score lower.

Learn more about the performance differences between these iron models and remember, the best way to truly appreciate the complete performance of Titleist T-Series irons is to experience Titleist club fitting for yourself. With one swing, you’ll feel how strikingly pure these new irons really are. 

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