On the Tee: The Launch of the First Pro V1 Golf Ball

The start of the new millennium was a pivotal time in Titleist history. Throughout the 1990's Titleist scientists and engineers in Golf Ball R&D had been developing three ground-breaking innovations - large solid core design, multi-component construction and cast elastomer urethane cover technology.

In the year 2000, these breakthroughs would all contribute to the creation of a new product that would revolutionize the game and establish itself as the most played, best-selling and most successful piece of equipment in the history of golf - the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball.

In our latest installment of On The Tee, we sat down with four Titleist executives who shared their memories from the days leading up to the launch of the very first Pro V1. Learn about the advances that made the Pro V1 golf ball such a revolutionary product and listen as they recall a special product testing and validation effort that came to be known as the Hundred Man March.

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